Ye Olde Sugar Mansion B&B Kitchen

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      *Helena left her home and drove to Ye Olde Sugar Mansion to prepare breakfast for the guests staying there.* Ohayou minna! Hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy!

    • Kenji Gion
    • #163833

      Goooood morning! Thank you for this great breakfast!!

    • Jean Grey
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      *Jean had woken up early in the morning and did some stretching exercises in her bedroom before heading towards the kitchen. She couldn’t stand hearing her stomach growling and she was definitely in for a hearty breakfast but then she was a bit hesitant* Wait! Shouldn’t I go to the dojo first and attend the morning workout first then eat afterwards?!?! Ughh!! But I’m so hungry! Let me warm up a warm muffin to control this stomach! *she arrives at the kitchen and greets whoever is there* Good morning!

    • Hiei
    • #168653

      *looking forward to whatever is being cooked up in the kitchen.*

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      *Food was also prepped for the clan’s guests at the mansion. Helena wanted to make sure that if the guests wanted to remain at home to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal, they had that option.*