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    r.i.p kirby morrow, you will be miss. 😭

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    @darkphoenix * Late at night and in the midst of a thunderstorm with torrential rainfall a pair of Gears carrying a crate between them made their way over to Jean’s abode. Once they reached the door the crate was set down right in front of it. *You, go stand watch over there. If I’m killed, call someone. * Paduk barked in his usual friendly way, at the soldier with him, who just shrugged casually and did as he was told. * What a waste of time. * He grumbled to himself before leaning over the crate and knocking on the door. *

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    Everyone... I realize now that I have friends as well. You don't have to save the world to find meaning in life... Sometimes, all you need is something simple, like someone to take care of. I'll keep on living no matter what, so that I can protect you...

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    All my toys are gathered, it's playtime!

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    Those who are willing to lose... they're the ones who ultimately gain everything.

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    //My character will at times post images from other drama he starred in such as Oh My Emperor as well as Joy of Life since its the same actor and i'm working it along in for a past reincarnation/past life set story of my characters development along the way just to give a heads up.

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    Gomen minna i know i have not really been around yet everyone here i trust as friends and family so heres why. Someone tried to break in my house a week ago and me and my sister were the only ones home at the time. I got a cut on my arm and my sister a bruised wrist from trying to get the guy off me. I screamed and my neighbor rushed in and beat the drunk and a bit later the cops came and took him away. I got treated and have been going to therapy with my sister as we have not been sleeping to well recently. So this is why we have not been around and we apologize. We will be around soon -AdminStella

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    //hey family and friends. Sorry I havent fully been on cause i been busy. I did ask Kandace to let u guys me, rose, inukai is fine but busy. Like I said I'm sorry. I been popping on and check on things. I be posting when I can. Sorry again //

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    O sorrowful warriors who must bear the cross known as "peace".

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    Destruction and creation are two sides of the same coin! You must destroy to create! That's the law of the universe!