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    Alrighty He-yo everyone I am here and ready to meet new friends~

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    I was wondering if I may join the rp you have going in the Bakery before I just posted on it. @candycandyali @savvydemonflameyukii

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    //my sister and I have both made contributions to skyrie, we truly have come to love this place and we want to thank you all for engaging with us both and including up in a few rp here and there. //

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    Hi minna! So many of you! Welcome and Welcome back! :)

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    // Admin: ehhhh....como qué hay una que anda en calor! Niña, deja que los niños respiren primero antes de brincarles encima!!! Diablo, coñazo que maldita cuerda me da esa vaina!

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    // Currently I have been working on a video game in which entails the story of Kaya's and @scavarklaim 's past as well as that to our own supposed storyline separate from rp . Work on it has been haulted as Im working 3 jobs. The layout of the game is very much the same as the old 2d final fantasy games, But I assure I still plan on making it the very best I can. If playing it seems interesting to you, plz let me know and I can provide an intro as that is all I have done atm. I can send a link for either a phone app or the pc version at no cost.

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    This time is the jojo version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJAsQPxqwug

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    Apologies everyone after everything today im exhausted,, goodnight and farethewell for now

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    // haha still reading to material. But distracted by tv.

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    // As for an announcement i feel i need to make, I will begin my escape in the facebook group once i am recovered in my current necessary rp arigato.

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    It turns out our other daughter was here all along.as well !!!! Glad to have you home Ayame

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