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    What can I say... after 2myths of being gone I almost forgot everything for here.

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    @snipersugarspirit // You're in for a ride my dear mutant friend! *teases* 😉

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    One of our staff members is heading to the Amazon Rainforest to help provide fresh water to local tribes. If anyone would like to support his journey please donate to his page.

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    //yesterday was my rl brother funeral, i spock up about marcus, but before all that some one backed up into my mom car and i am glad it missed me. Today is my rl uncle Tom funeral. //

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    @lordsugarsesshy Grand-uncle! Glad to see you again. I missed you.

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    @skyrie Skyrie, i'm new to this website, i am using mobile, how do i search for people?

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    // once I'm totally free I would love to rp with everyone here.

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    Anyone else not getting notifications?

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    Did anyone just kinda have that phase in their life where they watched really fucked up t.v shows??? Like, I remember watching 1000 Ways to Die and there was this one episode where this guy had to take a shit bc he ate something. And he was at a party, then he went to the bathroom and there was this couple making out in there and he was like “what kind of fuckery is this”. So he went out back and took a shit in a barrel, but haha, he got stuck so he went rolling down the allyway and into the woods and he died in the barrel. That t.v show was also a lowkey porno lmao

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    Eliza sighed holding her child in her arms. Miyuki had started to grow and was exploring things she got to hold. Honestly Eliza was supposed to be happy, but with her husband gone and not around she couldn't help but sigh. "I'm sure he will be home soon, dear. I know he will." Eliza said hoping that her words would be true. "In the mean time you and me will have a lot of bonding time and get to know each other." She said with a slight smile hugging her child softly. "I'll always be here." Eliza said in a whisper.

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    @wolflord-drew-f @christhewise Since you only get notifications for groups you're admin of, I'm considering promoting you guys in my groups, do you want that??



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