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    OCC: I must go, we can continue later this week! Thank you! Good night! @snipersugarspirit

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    // Ladies, let’s do the rest on a separate post. I’ll do the starter and tag you, OK! @snipersugarspirit @darkphoenix

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    @iamgamer // Just wanted to say thanks for the escape RP, it was fun. Sorry if it felt like I made you do most of the work though hehe

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    // hehe newbie mess. clean up on aisle 2

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    //I should probably draw up another profile pic for Apple. Getting bored of this one X) Any suggestions for cute outfits to draw her in? She has the mind of a child so nothing risque, got it?

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    // Ni cuanta mierda tienes en esa cabeza!!! //

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    Good morning, well almost noon time now. But, I hope everyone here is doing well for themselves. :)

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    @thepakhaninstpetersburg thank you for the friend request

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    //true masterpiece I'd say Sorry but this guy who play this song wants to destroy all of your illusions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX7M_C27SgE

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    *He sighed and ran his fingers threw his hair pulling it back slightly* Why when new people come here does it make me so on edge...a habit from the old world perhaps...

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    @crimsondemonsoul Finally made the shop i see, thats great i am so glad to see how this will work out :)

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    Hey Helena!? @sweetsugardemon

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    Hey all of u! Inukai daughter Rosea Grandstaff is here! I got her here yesterday I believe. Let's help her get started a new life here but with her 2 kids and husband. She is happy to be free from her past troubles. Sorry it took long get her here but she here now. She will be shy maybe. @rosegrandstaff-20

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    // Since I already created a version of Viktor with supernatural powers (was born as a Bungou Stray Dog AU for this Mafia AU Viktor, lol), I'll add them here as well. Might come in handy to make things interesting, since I see there are many supernatural people around here as well!

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    This place normally dead at this point