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    @ensemble-starprince Have you thought more about what i said, don't keep me waiting forever understand I meant what i told you if you wish to become my son do switch your character as i have given you permission to use it as it fits into the story being it has my last name to start with. Please note if you have not or do not wish to do it then i will have someone i trust do so for me, please get back to me soon, Mato.

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    @aotian23 /drums hands against roro's desk HEY I THINK UR REALLY COOL I LIKE YOU A LOT maybe we can hangout even though we're already dating but fuck you i need attention

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    @darkphoenix //Guess whose movie trailer I saw today X)

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    Hero vs hero (repost) //youtube dont be an asshole https://youtu.be/b07XNyK0kO8

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    Happy first day of spring everyone!!!!

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    where is everybody geso?

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    Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everyone! I hope that you are all doing well on this fine day, I hope that you are having a pleasant day, and I hope that the day continues to be pleasant from this moment moving forwards. :) Also, I am back again! Even though I do this like once a month. :P

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    I really need better internet

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    @heartsutra and I have a song for you all! https://youtu.be/cR4ea7fcbG0

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    "When all your dreams come true, is there any point of dreaming anymore?" - Kyouko's Words of Questionable Wisdom

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    // hahahahahahaha Alaska Duck Fart Cocktail!!!!! HAHAHA who comes up with these names?

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    (Oh, huh, odd, apparently my friend list got basically emptied out, and the pictures of my character vanished. Well, potentially people just removed me as their friends, but it seems to have happened all at once, so that's a bit peculiar. Anyways, my bad if it removed you, didn't mean to. And I'll try to get pictures of my character back up so people can tell what it actually is.)

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    @promiscuous * With extreme caution and a bolter readied the Astartes made his way to find Noloty. The bolter was aimed in front of him and every corner or open room he came across on his travels caused the Marine to snap pivot and check for hostiles. * She must be here somewhere. * Unusally no helm was worn allowing the face of a former Guardsmen to be seen. * Noloty? Where are you?

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    *she rubs her head and sighs* Nows as good a time as any I guess *she sends a text message to Raizel* Meet me at the Bakery please at 6pm after it’s closed for the day *she hits send and then takes out a small box from her pocket and looks at it* Lets hope this works *she puts it away and heads to the bakery* @raizelreincarnatedshadowlightheita