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Damiana Astarotte (HellfireAlchemistSugarDemon) ElricOkumuraSakata d’Raydars



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Full name: Damiana Astarotte Pendragon HohenheimElric-OkumuraSakata d’Raydars
Alias: Golden Darkness
Member of the SugarDemon family, SatoDemone Branch and the RoyalDragoonianIllumnatus Unit of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: Hellfire Alchemist SugarDemon
4th Generation SugarDemon
BirthDate: December 31st (Capricorn)
Parents: Alfonsina Arturia Candy Pendragon HohenheimElric-OkumuraSakata and Yukio Ginpachi OkumuraSakata
Adopted siblings: Sonar & Ecko
Husband: Glenn Eliphas Raydars
daughter:Tanya Helreginna ElricOkumuraSakata Raydars
Race: mainly demon and human but with a long lineage of different races mixed within her bloodline.
Hair: Blonde,like her mother / sometimes dark like her fathers
Eyes: Mainly blue to teal, amber and red but can sometimes change to different colors such as one blue and one red, or teal and amber, a trait inherited by her grandmother Helena.

Basics: First biological daughter of Alfonsina and Yukio
((more tba))

Occupation: Student/Assistant/ Alchemist/Exorcist/ Misfit
Talents: Alchemy, Martial Arts, High Intelligence
Weapon: Fists, Alchemy, Flames, Magic, Exorcism

++Damiana’s character images used++
My IMVU Avatar
Celica Afronia of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
Shinobu Oshino of Bakemonogatari
Ereshkigal of FGO
Konjiki no Kami of To Love-ru
Astarotte and Mercelida Ygvar of Lotte no Omocha!
Dark Angel Olivia of Rage of Bahamut
YangXiao Long of RWBY
Magik (Illiyana Rasputina) / DarkChylde of Marvel
Gilgamesh & Sabre of FGO / Extra(female versions shared with mommy Alfonsina)
Damiana’s dark hair version is RO635 from Girls Frontline

I also use blonde anime or other characters that are elvish or demon girls. See my photo albums so you get the idea. 😉