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Yasuhiro Hagakure

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Full Name: Yasuhiro Hagakure
Nicknames: Yasu / Hiro
Aliases: Ultimate Clairvoyant / Future Foundation Branch Office 14 Member
Birthdate: July 25th
Height: 180 cm (6″0′) / Weight: 71 kg (157 lbs)
Race: Human with a capacity for supernatural activities.

Education: Survived and escaped the Killing School Life
Occupation: Fortune Teller at Funlandia Amusement Park

Basics & Story: He’s a friendly, a bit paranoid and nervous, he’s also laid-back kind of guy who proudly boasts of the 30% success rate his fortunes have of coming true. He is known as The Ultimate Clairvoyant. He ended up in Skyrieverse during the impending apocalypse when the vortex abnormality had been higher than usual. As he crossed the borderlands and tried to survive he came across the Cottontail Cousins and they became good friends. He made other great friends after surviving his stint across the borderlands and spending time being treated and sheltered at Sugarview Medical Center. Eventually, after leaving the medical center, Yasuhiro went into the Lunaris Cottontail Woodlands in search of the Cottontail Cousin who had gone deep into the woodlands earlier.

Secret: Scared of Ghosts

Alliance: Friend of the GrandSugarClan