Main Living Room

  • Helena SweetSeraphimSugarDemon Okumura-Sakata

    April 10, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Main Living room area where most family and guests of the family spend time.

  • *Saya arrived with Al in the living room and had his armor set up in the their room. She smiles at him.* Let’s sit here and relax. It’s been a while since you’ve been home. I’ll get you some food. Would you like something to drink?

  • Alfonso: *He was surprised by the changes in the living room.* The place got an uplift. *he chuckles and takes a seat.* That would be great Saya! I’m definitely hungry! I couldn’t eat anything while I was in armor mode. I’ll have some lemonade if there’s any in the kitchen. *He sits back. He remembers bits and pieces of his time in the highway to hell. He then realized family had remained there and he wondered if they had gotten back.* That horrid place! I felt so, *shakes himself* so damn evil! It makes me icky just thinking about it.

  • *Saya brought back food for Al. I found these bento boxes in the kitchen. Granddaddy Ranma left them for us. *she hands him one and takes one.* There’s so much to tell you.

  • Edwardo: *Enters the room with is own bento box* Hello Saya and Al! Glad you’re both home. How are you feeling brother Al?

    Alfonso: Brother, I feel rested. I want to know what has happened since I was in the hospital. I remember that place.

    Ed: Oh! That’s right! *opened his bento box.* Let’s catch up because there is a lot going on. I think if you need to stay here and rest more, you should. From the report at S-Clan, the place we were caught in was called “The Road to Gehenna’s Gates.* You were possessed, you could tell by Satan Kurotoki’s claw marks. He chained a few family members and dragged them with him. He was unsuccessful in taking everyone straight through the gates of Gehenna because of mommy Helena’s interference. The family who helped her heal also deserves a great deal of credit. Had it not been for them, mommy Helena would not have been able to resist her metamorphosis and aside from having Satan Kurotoki take us to his domain, we would have had mommy Helena starting a cycle of destruction. We’ve been able to avoid that and have to continue to do so. *He eats a bit.*

    Al: Gomen, I didn’t mean to cause you harm. But Saya. You weren’t there. Where were you? *he questioned*

  • *Saya was listening carefully.* Amazing! When I got back I had to battle some undead creatures. I’m guessing this had something to do with the dark wings in the sky I saw from the distance. It was mommy Helena! Al! You were possessed. You don’t have to apologize. You’re alright now. *She puts her hand in his.* I had an adventure of my own. Went on an investigation that uncle Gori send me on. I was given a file on Shimei’s death. It wasn’t accidental. A woman intent on harming her lured her to her old home. That accursed woman wanting to harm Shimei lured her there by raising these beasts who had been killing off the people of the village. *She then sighs* I couldn’t believe it myself but in the temple, there were two boys. Both little things that looked a lot like a mix of Shimei and NightSyn. She gave birth while protecting that village and went out to fight while she was still vulnerable. That woman killed her. I in turn, cut her down as well. And this is the reason I got excommunicated from the old world. The boys are staying here but they are still very shy. We can call them Nox and Summa but I’ll allow them to introduce themselves when they are worried. *She then looks at Al. Surely, there is more regarding all that happened with our family. How did mommy Helena save everyone?

  • *Ed and Al almost dropped their bento boxes. They weren’t aware of what Saya was telling them. The shock of Shimei’s death and that fact that Night had two boys left them speechless for a little while.*

    Alfonso: No! Not Shimei! Does Night brother know about this?

    Ed: *Ed looked away and clenched his fists for a moment. He then turned back looking at Saya and Al.* Al, I’m sure Night bro doesn’t know about his kids. He’s one of the ones that got stuck in the place I mentioned.

    Al: *he shook his head* I hope he makes it back. We should go…*

    Ed: *Ed interrupted Al.* No! You can’t go back there again. The demons there are powerful. We struggled to get around and to get out of there. My understanding is there’s a team that went to help get the family back. *he hands them his phone with S-Clan info.*
    I am glad that Night has children. We’ll have to protect them and make them feel at home until he gets back.
    As for what happened, well, mommy Helena transported as many of us as she could to safety. So, several were sent to Satou Arcanum. From what I read, she was transported to another dimension by another entity fearing her powers but I don’t know the details. She was able to come back and bring back some others who were in that dimension with her. Maybe we can get mommy Helena to tell us some time but she’s worried about Gin pops right now.
    So the good news is that a lot of family is back. The bad news is that most of us have been asked to stay safe, work on other missions and try to avoid that place. Seems we have to learn more about it before we venture there again. I sure don’t look forward to that. And Kin dad is there too!

    Al: I hope Kin dad is okay. Look Brother, *handing the phone back* the report says that Tessa is in port pendulum fighting pirates! I think we should go!

  • *She picked up their boxes as they finished eating.* I think it would keep our minds off what is worrying us. Shall we go? I’ll put these in the kitchen!

  • *Ed and Al nodded and gave Saya the thumbs up.*

    Ed: We’ll wait for you at the door and they we’ll head to pendulum port!

  • Mousse (WingedMasterof 暗器) AmazonFighterSugarDemon

    December 20, 2017 at 5:58 am

    *The elder Sato Akuma brothers couldn’t contain their competitive nature. They sat in the main living room trying to beat brother Inuyassha’s @hellhoundinuyassha unbeatable Angry Birds game score. Meanwhile Shampoo looked at them in disbelief.*

  • Tatewaki Kuno (NarcissisticSugarDemon)

    December 20, 2017 at 8:15 am

    *During the game Kuno was losing his patience, especially with Ryoga and Mousse. He needed to focus in order to win the game.* If you two don’t be quite, I shall be forced to take up arms ad challenge you both to real fight! *flips his hair*

  • Yūsaku Kosaku Hatanaka Godai (RoninSugarDemon)

    December 20, 2017 at 8:18 am

    *Peaks in the room and chuckles. He sees Ukyo snap a photo.* I want a copy of that! *he tells Ukyo and then let’s his brothers know that they’d be taking a little ride.* Brothers, its time! Pause the game. We’ll come back later.

  • Noloty Kagerou PoisonSugarDemon Maruchie

    January 19, 2018 at 4:27 am

    // New RP //

    *She was sitting at the main living room, relaxing at a chair lounge and with a couple of Chinese excercise balls on her right hand. Although she looked as if she was sleeping, it was totally the contrary. She was totally alert, she just wanted to keep her eyes closed as she used her balls. She was aware of all that was going on around the house. When her stress level would get a bit high, she would roll the balls at a rapid pace and once it was low, the pace gets slower. She was worried about her cousin Helena, and as the situation got a bit tense, the balls would spin at a high speed. Once she sensed Hikari take Helena with her, the speed would ease down* Thank goodness! *She would whisper to herself but suddenly she felt another shift. She opened her mouth as if grasping for air but it was a sudden reaction of shock then sadness. She stopped rolling her balls and feels a tear going down her cheek. She slowly open her eyes but halfway and whispered out a name* Otose…

  • Noloty Kagerou PoisonSugarDemon Maruchie

    November 21, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    // New RP – Open for Everyone //

    *As the family enjoys the Thanksgiving Feast, she enjoys listening to the laughter across the hall as she begins to set up the Christmas tree at the main living room. She decorated the tree with Helena’s favorite colors and for the rest of the room, she combined colors such as gold and red, giving it a high contrast to the blue. She hums softly as she takes her time decorating the area and stops for a few minutes to check out how the decorations was coming about* Lovely! *She stood quietly and remember the events that took place right here last year. She felt a bit of guilt since she never really explained how it happened.* So much has happened this year, hopefully the next will be better *Sighs then goes back on decorating where she left off*

  • *The twins sat near the tree playing with the ribbons that were not yet placed on the tree.*

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