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  • Excuse me uncle Leuko! *she walks over to the door and knocks* Kinzou! Keiichi! You both get out here right this instance! You still have to finish your chores!

  • *Peipain would keep herself busy memorizing the rich clan history in order to take it with her, if they had to fight and flee the Sugar Mansion in order to survive. She hoped that they could be safe here but she was warned that they might have to all flee together if things weren’t settled. Even if a crack appeared in the barrier, they were to pick up and leave. She had some books packed but she was trying to read as many as possible in order to be able to pass on the history of the great clan.* It’s just a precaution but one that I will excel at for now.

  • *… Peipain was getting a little nervous as she memorized the books within the clan library. She felt the earth shake and some books began to fall. She had packed them up. Then one particular book flew out of it’s self and opened up. A large orb appeared and revealed an incoming threat. The humans that once loved the clan were growing angry as they learned the main reason for the disturbance and imbalance of the world. She realized the humans would be coming towards the house in large mobs to burn it down. She quickly wrote a message to Tanya on a piece of paper and folded it into a paper plane and sent it flying upstairs towards her. To Peipain’s surprise she began to noticed that the library had it’s own defense system. It sounded aloud alarm and the doors closed. She got up to open them but was trapped inside. Several books opened and seems to releasing some sort of liquid metal, The library was being encased like a box. A book Peipain was holding released fire butterflies. They hardened the liquid metal outside the library until it became a solid wall. Peipain was about to panic but another book opened before her and gave her the details of the magic surrounding the library. There would be air for her to breathe. She witnessed another book release some kind of magic and surround the library. The library lifted up into the air, she heard something open above her and then she felt wheels beneath the library as it was driving itself towards the fallout shelter.* What on earth is this? The library preserve itself!!

  • Tanya Helreginna (AbaddonianGalactoseBestiariasz)

    October 8, 2019 at 6:04 am

    *Tanya captured the paper plane. She read it carefully. She was disheartened.* Tch humanity can’t be trusted. *She knew this meant she would have to move those at the mansion to the Fall Out Shelter. The note clearly stated that the clan should not attack the humans but should flee.* Flee! I want to fight them! How dare they?! After all my clan is losing to save them. *She then sighed as she thought of Helena’s heart and sadness if they attacked humanity after all that had happened.* Alright! I’ll do it for her. *She then went to gather the others, it was time to go.*

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