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Full Name: Basophil Sakuya
Nickname Baso / Bas

Personality: Baso is mysterious, “often appearing to speak through philosophical and metaphorical language.” He’s loyal to Leukocyte King and Queen Tama.

He’s well known for wearing a rain coat and being covered from head to toe and only showing his eyes. When he isn’t covered up, he has dead lime green hair and looks a bit menacing because he wears face masks with skull designs.

Basics: (As per Cells at Work) “Basophil (好塩基球, Kōenkikyū?) is a minor character in Cells at Work!. He is a type of white blood cell, specifically Basophil. He is capable of triggering the release of histamines when encountering an antigen. He also can allure eosinophils and neutrophils when they are needed.”

His story in SkyrieVerse begins when he’s transfused into another body but was instead transferred through a dimension into the borderlands. He understood his mission was to find Leukocyte King and Queen Tama and inform them of what had occurred. As he met with them, he pledged his loyalty to them. As there was no way to send him back, he was to learn to make a life in the new world.

Eventually, adopts the name Sakuya, as his new last name to represent his commitment to become part of the new world he has come to love.

Hobbies: He likes to read poem book on a sampan boat.

Alliance: Friend of GrandSugarClan