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Aion Levon (SolemDeusTenebrisSatouUltharian) ShinganCrimsonZ

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Fullname: Ari Aion Levon
Alias: Aion / Dark Sun God/ Black Monster
BirthDate: February 10
Race: Human/Lion/Demon
Younger sister: Ailane Levon
Band: ShinganCrimsonZ
Instrument of Divinity: Guitar named “Holy Ark”
Member of the Satou Ultharian Branch of the GrandSugarClan
Proclaims himself to be the “Black Monster” so he dresses in black which attracts dark punk and goths to him. He’s a handsome hybrid human/lion/demon who acts suspiciously and always tends to speak with his hand in front f his face. Furthermore, he constantly mumbles nonsense to himself. This doesn’t deter him from gaining many female fans who love his genius guitar techniques. He sometimes seems aloof and gives off an intimidating aura.

Note: Arrived to the new world with Ricky Rom and Ailane looking for his friend and bandmate Daniel Crow. (Character may deviate from the originalfrom game/anime at times)