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Momo Ginatoki OkumuraSakata (ValkoinenShinigamiFlameSugarDemon)



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Full Name: Momo Ginatoki OkumuraSakata d’Rokudo
Member of the SugarDemon main family branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: SilverShinigamiSugarDemon / ValkoinenShinigamiFlameSugarDemon
Nickname: Lady Death
Race: Human/Goddess/Demoness/ predominantly Shinigami
Biological Parents: Gintoki Lucifer Sakata and Helena Okumura-Sakata
Biological Siblings: Leonardo, NightSyn, Rintoki, Yukio, Kaname, Yukiko, Teletha, Tetsuya
Adopted Siblings: Too many to mention but loves them all.
Husband: Tetsu-Shiro (Tetsunosuke Toshiro Rokudo)
Children: Shotaro and Momotaro

Momo’s story (DO NOT COPY)

The tragic story of the girl god of death
(Written & formerly posted on fb on February 25, 2013 at 9:32pm)
I don’t remember why but our mother (Helena SweetSeraphimSugarDemon) and father (Gintoki Lucifer, the WhiteSugarDemon) barely saw us when we were young.
I grew up for some time with Rintoki and Yukio Ginpachi under father Fujimoto. Sometimes mother would visit, I didn’t know at the time that she was my mother, just a sweet lady that made great chocolate chip cookies when she came by to visit us. I was still young and sad at that thought that our parents left us. And to make matters worse, because Rin and Yuki where in an all boys school I was taken to a nun school where I felt lonely, and I was separated from  my sisters because of my rebellious behavior.

After a while, I did not see those who I would later find out were my parents. My privileges to see my brothers and sisters were taken from me. I was so sad and lonely because no one came to see me. I saw Father Fujimoto arguing with someone at the school but I didn’t want to see him. I was too angry too see him. I felt he had abandoned me too…it was nighttime, it was dark outside and I ran outside, I ran in the dark until I ran into a lake…no one was there… no one, I was afraid, I couldn’t swim…and there, in that cold dark lake, I lost my life. Mommy Helena’s familiar, a cat named Daniel, drowned himself, so he could be with me. And he is my companion in death’s domain.

I was claimed by a strange angel in a dark hood who said he was the lord of death, the grim reaper, he took me in. Daddy Gin threatened to invade the realm of death with his demon army if they would not release me but the Lord of Death would not release me, and his domain is protected from invasions of other realms, at least that’s what he believes, for some reason, Lord Grim Reaper didn’t want that kind of conflict, so he created a contract for me, it stated that I would be able to take human form once a month. He also allows me to appear to everyone in spirit form. I took the a job as a shinigami (a girl grim reaper). my beloved, Daddy Gin, although not satisfied with the terms, yet unable to surpass the god of death, agreed to the terms.

No one is able to hug me, hold my hand, or touch me, it’s like hugging a ghost. I am only able to be hugged when I am in human form.

Later on, as I followed my mother around, I realized that she did what was best to keep us safe from the amantos (aliens) that chased her to the planet earth from her home planet. She was trying to protect us. She could not have realized that in trying to protect us that I would die and I know she blames herself but it is not her fault.

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