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  • Group logo of Kabukicho District Tokyo (Gintama Town)
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Welcome to Kabukicho District Tokyo / Gintama Town!!
    *Gintama RP madness*
    Kabukichō is an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and is often called the ”Sleepless Town” […]

    Public Group / 170 members
  • Group logo of Escape From Facebook
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    For fugitives, outcasts and escapees from Facebook. (The group is named after the movie Escape from NY). Feel free to rant about your fb experience and to rp your escape from the old social network.

    This group […]

    Public Group / 212 members
  • Group logo of Music Appreciation club
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Post your favorite songs here and listen to other people’s music! This group is for everyone, so feel free to join and leave as you please! Any genre of music is allowed, from Jpop to Psychedelic Rock, just don’t […]

    Public Group / 81 members
  • Group logo of Seaside Beach (rp only)
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Welcome to Seaside Beach where everyone is allowed to bask in the sun, hang out and have picnics, take a stroll on the boardwalk or enjoy swimming on a nice summer day. Everyone have fun!
    // Rules posted in forum//

    Public Group / 179 members
  • Group logo of True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame!
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Welcome to True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame III (Located in Skyrie Universe)

    NOTE: This is an crossover rp academy. The name is based on Ao no Exorcist series but all anime/ non-anime characters here to […]

    Public Group / 183 members
  • Group logo of Akihabara Sleepless City
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Welcome to Akihabara Sleepless City a/k/a Akiba

    This is a roleplay group that takes place in Akihabara, the sleepless city. The city of excitement and dangers, it is filled with the noise of traffic and the […]

    Public Group / 162 members
  • Group logo of
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    The official Skyrie group.

    Public Group / 3,230 members
  • Group logo of SugarSweet Bakery & Cafe
    active 5 hours, 21 minutes ago

    Welcome to SugarSweet Bakery & Cafe!
    Located in the land of Skyrie in a small town named Kabukicho, SugarSweet Bakery & Cafe is a family-run establishment owned by Helena and Noloty.
    Please come in and enjoy a […]

    Public Group / 222 members
  • Group logo of Maison Ikkoku
    active 5 hours, 32 minutes ago

    For Fans and Roleplayers of Maison Ikkoku. Maison Ikkoku is a Japanese romance/comedy manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi about the misadventures of a young student and his landlady’s romance.

    Public Group / 70 members
  • Group logo of Eerie Eastern Lands
    active 6 hours, 14 minutes ago

    These dark and eerie lands belong to Sesshomaru Bokyosei DeadlySugarDemonDog.
    A quiet and creepy corner of a forgotten forest that Sesshy has claimed and called his own. He allows some family members to make […]

    Private Group / 122 members
  • Group logo of Empire of the Grand Sugar Clan
    active 6 hours, 23 minutes ago

    The Grand Sugar Clan is a large group of families that escaped from the old world to find a brighter future in the new world. Slowly they carved out new territory for themselves. In this new land they found a […]

    Private Group / 145 members
  • Group logo of Graveland: The Dark WarZone
    active 15 hours, 3 minutes ago

    Graveland: The Dark Warzone, a dark place covered with blood of fallen enemies. A field were battles take place with your enemies. (rp only please)
    Graveland: The Dark Battlefield is where combats take place […]

    Public Group / 146 members
  • Group logo of DemonFlame Dorm of SugarHill
    active 15 hours, 41 minutes ago

    DemonFlame Dorm of SugarHill is a dorm shared with siblings, family and friends related to the Grand Sugar Clan family.
    This is an old dorm near the bottom of True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames. Family and […]

    Private Group / 148 members
  • Group logo of S-Clan Special Operations Squad II
    active 15 hours, 41 minutes ago

    S-Clan Unit on Skyrie.
    S-Clan Special Operations Squad (S-Clan short for SugarClan / this group is strictly family only) An elite squad made up of various different military forces that are part of the […]

    Private Group / 154 members
  • Group logo of SugarFang & SugarKnight Branch House
    active 15 hours, 41 minutes ago

    The SugarFang family is a branch of the GrandSugarClan started by Sevrent, son of Gintoki Lucifer.
    As the story goes, most of the SugarFangs started out as orphans loved adopted and nurtured by Helena and […]

    Private Group / 35 members
  • Group logo of Joestar Mansion
    active 16 hours, 15 minutes ago

    Residence of the eponymous Joestar Family.

    Private Group / 90 members
  • Group logo of Sacred SatouFlame Healing & Medical Center
    active 18 hours, 19 minutes ago

    Sacred SatouFlame Healing & Medical Center (currently for GrandSugarClan Members Only)
    A GrandSugarClan family practice that treats both regular and magic-related illnesses and injuries. The small family practice […]

    Private Group / 138 members
  • Group logo of La storia della Famiglia di Zucchero (What is this Sugar Organization?)
    active 21 hours, 47 minutes ago

    Official group about the Grand Sugar Clan making their new home in Skyrie.
    To meet us or find out more about us, please join or read the posts in this group.
    Thank you! // Additional Note: Please understand […]

    Public Group / 166 members
  • Group logo of Where Gods Walk
    active 22 hours, 52 minutes ago

    Eaefall. A land where Gods walk the earth alongside mortals. They are seen everywhere doing everything imaginable.

    Starting a rebellion against a Tyrannical Overlord.

    Creating a pocket world where their word […]

    Public Group / 29 members
  • Group logo of Enchanted Forest Bookshop
    active 22 hours, 52 minutes ago

    This is a place filled with books and potions assorted with healing spells and more. Feel to come in and make yourself comfortable.

    1:) Please role play here as if you are in a magic shop or library, but there […]

    Public Group / 21 members