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Gintoki Lucifer WhiteSugarDemon Sakata



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Owner of Yorozuya
Founder of the Sugardemon Family and the GrandSugarClan of families
married to Helena SweetSeraphimSugarDemon Okumura-Sakata

BIO: Legend of a WhitesugarDemon
My name is Lucifer Gintoki Sakata
My clan name is Whitesugardemon
I am the founder of Yorozuya and the Sugardemon family/clan
I have naturally permed silver hair, my eyes are regularly dark brown/red.

** My four major obsessions in life: First is my wife Helena, second is my crazy family, third are sweet foods such as parfaits, ice cream and cakes and fourth obsession is reading the manga anthology magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. (Weekly Shonen is where Gintama is published). I will go to great lengths to get the latest Jump issue, to the point of reckless behavior.

Birthday: October 10 (Libra) Height: 177 cm Weight: 65 kg
Occupation: Yorozuya/Odd Jobs (freelancer)
Strongest Point: strawberry and chocolate parfaits
Like: sweets, alcohol, Shounen Jump, strawberry milk
Dislike: when people say they are bored, wanna commit suicide, people messing with my family and friends
Favorite quote: “Then and now, what I protect has never changed.”

Nicknames: Gin, sugar addict, Gin chan, Shiroyasha, Sadist, Boss, perm head, sensei

My real father is Inuyassha RedsugarDemon NoTaisho-Sakata
My real mother is Kasumi SacredsugarDemon Higurashi-NoTaisho

**Because earth demons were being pursued they sent an informer to Yoshida Shouyou to fetch me as I sat in the middle of a bloody battlefield but the informer never made it, my parents didn’t want to come get me because then people would know for sure I was a demon and the thought I would get killed. Yoshida found me because he heard rumors from the villagers about a Corpse Eating Demon out in the battlefield but when he came he found me instead eating a rice ball. I saw him and drew a katana from a dead body, Yoshida looked at me and said that he was impressed but that a sword swung in self-defense while fearing others should be thrown away. Yoshida then throw his sword towards me and said if I was interested in learning how to use the sword, to follow him. I did follow him and I asked him to give me a piggy-back ride to which e complied. Soon after Yoshida became my adoptive father and sensei. Under him, I learned the way of the samurai along with Takasugi and Katsura.

**Before the Joui War, I met and married the beautiful Helena SweetsugarDemon Okumura-Sakata (we were in our early teens). Helena and I were happy together, she is the reason for my obsession with sweet foods. To our misfortune, Helena was being pursued by mercenaries and Yoshida had been hiding her among us. We are still not sure if the Tendoshu were working with the mercenaries but when the Kansei Purge event happened, the Tendoshu, under orders of Tokugawa Sada Sada arrested Yoshida Shouyou and burnt down the school. I, who was tied down, watched helplessly as sensei/father was taken away. This caused Takasugi, Katasura and me to rise up as the last warriors of the Joui Patriots.

Before I went to war I had several children with my wife Helena. Our birth children are:
Leonardo, Rintoki, Yukio Ginpachi, NightSyn, Kaname Rinatoki, Yukiko Ayame, Tetsuya, Teletha Ginger “Tessa” , and Momo. After the fire we took precautions and sent Helena and the children to live among priestesses. After this, I was unable to be with her because we set off for war. And here is where our family got separated.
In the Joui war, I was known as the “White Devil” (Shiroyasha) due to my silver hair and white clothing that I wore in battle, which, combined with my impressive capabilities as a swordsman, made me famous among my comrades and struck fear into Amanto (Alien invaders). During the war I also made friends with Sakamoto.

The war seemed to drag on forever. I abandoned it with a heavy heart after seeing all my comrades being killed. I later met Otose in the graveyard where her husband Tatsugorou was buried. While Otose was offering her husband a tribute of riceballs, I asked I she was willing to share some with me. Otose told me to ask her husband and so I did. I promised her husband I would always protect Otose for him until the day she died in exchange for the riceballs.

Afterwards I founded Yorozuya, practically adopting Shinpachi, Kagura and Sadaharu. Together we helped clients retrieved things they lost. At the same time I searched for everything I lost before the war.
**Though several female characters have shown an interest in me, I usually don’t show any response back and merely put up with them as annoyances. What they didn’t know is that I was being faithful to the woman I hoped to find again, my wife. I did have a crush on Ana Ketsuno, tv celeb, that’s because she reminded me so much of Helena and I was beginning to think I’d never find her again.

Despite my appearance and initial behavior, I have great amount of pride for the old bushido code. I always take it upon myself to rescue or avenge not only my family, comrades and friends but also people I barely got acquainted to, be it a pit-fighter who was taking care of abandoned orphans or an Amanto who resembles a kappa. Although, I am a fearsome fighter with nearly unmatched skills, I tend to avoid needless bloodshed after suffering the loss of most of his friends and allies during the Joui war. I do tend to be a bit of a street smart guy and sometimes get into fights.

Years later, after being established with Yorozuya, I was reunited with my wife and we slowly set out to find our children. (That’s a whole story of its own). But as we were reunited along the way we adopted several other children and found more and more family and my children had children of their own and so on.

I still own Yorozuya and work with several family members in different occupations, such as being as sensei at my son Yukio Ginpachi’s school “True Cross Academy of the Blue Flame.”

Domo Arigato to all my family, comrades and friends for supporting us in everything we do!

Love to all my family! You know who you are. I couldn’t mention everyone because there are so many of you.