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Tanya Helreginna (AbaddonianGalactoseBestiariasz)

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Fullname: Tanya Helreginna ElricOkumuraSakata Raydars
Military Name: Tanya von Degurechaff (Changed when she was adopted by Damiana and Glenn)
Military Aliases:
Eleventh Goddess, Mithril, Battalion Commander, White Silver, Rusted Silver, Argent, Ace of Aces, and Mad Dog
Epithet: Devil of the Rhine
daughter of Damiana and Glenn
Member of the SugarBeast Branch and Co-Leader of the SatouSamurai Branch House within GrandSugarClan
ClanName: AbaddonianSugarBeast
BirthDate: Born July 18th but her adoptive birthdate is Sept. 24
Defender of the SugarLand Empire
Abilities: Enchancement Magic, Fluid Movement, Prayer/Blessing/Gospel Magic, Air Combat Specialist

Loves: Sweets, mostly chocolate and enjoys coffee