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Sanae Hiyashi Sakata (GreenSugarFang)

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FullName: Sanae HayashiSakata

Member of the SugarFang Branch of the GrandSugarClan

Parents: Tama and Leukocyte (SugarDemon)

Sister to: Takeda,Yumiko and Tamaki (Hayashi-Sakata.

Occupation: Wind Priestess

Hobbies: Reading, watching anime, and hanging out with family.

Likes: Anything and everything sweet.

Dislikes: Anyone who messes with my family and spicy things.

Age: Probably mid-teens, about the same age as Reimu or Marisa
Occupation Wind Priestess, Shrine Maiden, Scientist (Amateur)
Location: Moriya Shrine
description: Wears a blue and white outfit similar to a shrine maiden’s with light blue polka dots and stripes covering the blue areas. Has long light green hair, and yellow eyes (dark-green in Undefined Fantastic Object, Ten Desires, and blue in Touhou Hisoutensoku). Wears a snake-shaped hair accessory wrapped around her hair on one side, and a hair clip shaped like a frog’s head (both probably meant to represent Kanako and Suwako.

Abilities She is capable of invoking miracles through her godly heritage, and many of her spell cards are themed after miracles of various religions or odd events. It’s mainly the manipulation of weather, and also seems to use it in prayers for rain. The “miracles” that she can invoke are not related to good or bad fortune – they are merely events that have a very low chance of occurring. Before invoking a miracle, she needs time to prepare it proportional to how unlikely the miracle is. Simple ones can be invoked with a single word, while the most complex can take days.

Differences Between game Character: Not the same Relationships except a few maybe. obviously an adopted sugarfang.

Bio Soon to come once I work it out!

Sanae is confident, energetic and dutiful, sometimes too much so, and tends to get carried away easily or have trouble thinking for herself. She also appears to be something of a geek, making references to popular culture and having knowledge of advanced scientific concepts. As someone who grew up in the Outside World, much of it seems strange and novel to her; she finds unusually great fun in exterminating youkai and solving incidents, seeming to view herself as the hero of a fantasy novel or video game. Multiple characters have noted that Sanae’s dismissive attitude towards youkai and youkai power makes her too much like a youkai herself.The simple fact that she is adjusting to life makes her an extremely rare case