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Name: Hiei
Alias: Master of the Evil Eye
BirthDate: Nov. 21st
Race: Demon
Gehenna Class: Upper S-Class Demon
Height: 4’10

Basics: When he was born, he was considered a “cursed child,” because he is a male fire demon born from an all-female ice demon race. Therefore, he could not be kept among his kind and lived most of his life on his own.
Hiei keeps to himself making him seem aloof and elusive. Has a rather cynical and even misanthropic view of the world around him, often belittling and mocking humans and their emotions and the significance they place on friendship and life. This changes with time.
Normally prefers to wear all black.

Ended up in Skyrieverse under the guise that he was looking for Urameshi along with Kuwabara but in reality he is in search of a Dark Multiverse Tournament legendary among brutal fighters and known to be run by Lord Beerus.

Alliance: Team Urameshi, (formerly) Mukuro’s Army, and Friend of GrandSugarClan

// Note: The Character will be mostly true to the OC but with occasional differences in the story and his personality. There’s no need to make him an rp family and no relationships/romance either. Thank you!