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CindyCyan LeChatHijirikawa-SakataRokudo *KawaiiNekoSugarSpirit ♪ Plasmagica



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Full name: Cindy Cyan LeChatHijirikawa d’OkumuraSakataRokudo
BirthDate: May 24th
Alias: Gatta Kawaii
Daughter of Masato LeChatHijirikawa
Co-Leader of the Ultharyst Nekomancers Unit and Member of the SugarSpirit branch within the GrandSugarClan
clan name: KawaiiNekoSugarSpirit
Race: Human/ Myumon / Neko
Band Stage Name: Cyan
Band: Plasmagica
BandMates: Chuchu, Retoree and Moa
Instrument: Guitar named Strawberry Heart
Husband: Daniel Kurou
Sons: Shu-zo and twins Riku-zo Kurosu and Kai-zo Kuroboshi
Adopted son: “Sleepy” Ash Kurozuka

Occupation: Former Assistant to Prince Koenma Jr., She’s mainly a musician in a band caled Plasmagica, and she sometimes does odd jobs with the GrandSugarClan. She prefers to help out at the animal shelter and at several food oriented businesses.

Cindy Cyan was born a normal human and was once known as Cindy LeChatHijirikawa. She lived with her father Masato LeChatHijirikawa. He was a famous musician in her regular human world. She loved music and pursued playing guitar. She wanted to join her high school band and show off her talents but her shyness always interfered.

“One night, she was playing a music game on her phone and won a guitar called Strawberry Heart. She then was transported to another world where everyone are small animals called myumons…”

Cindy was recruited to the band Plasmagica when they learned of her amazing talents. In this world she was transported to, Midi City, she was given the band name Cyan and begun her mission to help save the pure myumons from an evil plan set in motion to engulf Midi City in darkness.

She eventually came across Daniel Kuroh and slowly they fell in love. As she learned about him and his family she began to realize he was from another world. The old world and he often took her there. Their love for each other grew stronger an she began to meet and learn more about other of his family members until she became part of their intricate fabric. Since she was still young, the Prince Koenma treated Cindy Cyan like his own child and this helped her when her father had disappeared. He would call her daughter although they were not blood related. And he made her part of the SugarSpirit branch of the GrandSugarClan.

It was then that the old world became tainted and the family had to move away. It took her a while because she loved Midi City and was not ready to leave it behind but she could not let go of her true love and soul mate.
Her heart led her to the love of her life where a strange clone appeared trying to take her place, but Daniel Kurou was not fooled and he took it upon himself to bring his beautiful girl Cindy Cyan from the borderlands to the safety of the new world known to them as Skyrie Universe. That is where they made their home and their story continues to blossom.

Married Daniel Kurou OkumuraSakata d’Rokudo (BlackCatSugarDemon), after midnight on July 22nd 2018 (Secretly at a Chapel behind St. Michaels Church within the GrandSugarClan Empire.

Cindy Cyan’s story is ongoing but she now happily shares it with Daniel Kurou, her sons and the rest of her GSC family.