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Daniel Crow OkumuraSakataRokudo (BlackCatSugarDemon) ShinganCrimsonZ



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Daniel’s bio:
Full Name: Daniel Crow Rokumon OkumuraSakataRokudo
Alias: Gatto Nero
Leader of the Ultharyst Nekomancers Unit, Co-Leader of the Satou Ultharian Division, Member of the Sato Naphalem Branch of the SugarDemon Family within the GrandSugarClan.
Adopted son of Helena and Gintoki Lucifer (SugarDemon)
His birthday is celebrated on October 31st
Band Stage name: Crow
Band: ShinganCrimsonZ
He’s in love with Cindy Cyan
Married Cindy Cyan LeChatHijirikawa (KawaiiNekoSucreSpiritus) past midnight, July 22nd 2018 (Secretly at a Chapel behind St. Michael’s Church within the GrandSugarClan Empire.
Sons: Shu-zo, twins Riku-zo & Kai-zo, and Sleepy Ash
Daniel is mainly Momo Ginatoki’s familiar in the Shinigami world.
His main shinigami form is of a talking black cat with a bell around his neck and bat-like wings. The living will frequently hear the ringing of Daniel’s bell when Momo & Daniel are nearby. Daniel is a calm shinigami and didn’t show much sympathy for humans as Momo did but he had patience with them.

He became a member of the GrandSugarClan through Momo as she always considered Daniel as her brother and the family quickly took him in. He became the official familiar of the Rosicrucian Shinigami unit of the SugarDemon family and the GrandSugarClan

Daniel takes on the form of a young boy his eyes can usually be amber or green but change depending on his metamorphosis. But he is consistently in the shape of a black cat, a half-human cat or a full human. He seems young and his cat-like behavior is always seen by others as adorable but he’s been around longer than most would imagine.

Daniel also uses the stage name “Crow” since Cindy Cyan convinced him to try out music and join a band. He forms ShinganCrimsonz with bandmates Rom, Aion, Yaiba and his band manager is Maple Arisugawa. As Crow morphs into a red myumon with catish features, has black spiked hair and a fiery red aura. He can further morph into two forms fallen angel and jet black fallen angel. His personality as Crow is opposite his usual calm and cute self. His alter ego is extremely argumentative and often fights with his bandmates. He’s defensive about his families businesses and in this form he may possibly have a height complex. He’s easy to frustrate and has a very large ego. Despite being loud and rowdy he shows he still care for others.

Daniel will often morph into other black Shinigami cats. For his grand uncle Rinne he would become Rokumon (also able to shape shift into a humanoid, small black cat and demon cat). He will, on rare occasion display silver hair.