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Helena SweetSeraphimSugarDemon Okumura-Sakata

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Hello minna! My name is Helena.
FullName: Helena Yuriko Seraphina GodaiSaotome Okumura-Sakata

BirthDate: January 29th (Aquarius)
Married: I’m am the wife of Gintoki Lucifer WhiteSugarDemon Sakata.
I’m a member of the SugarDemon Family of the GrandSugarClan

Helena’s family tree:
(very complicated at first because of how she was born. Stories will be in blog)
natural grandfather: unearthly Seraphim named Shamash
natural parents: Aurumstrʼal (earthly name: Soichiro Otonashi) and Kyoko Marie Angela Otonashi-Godai

additional natural parent: Yusaku Kosaku Godai

adoptive parents: Ranma Shukumaru Saotome and Akane Tendo-Saotome

husband: Gintoki Lucifer Sakata
natural brother:
Soji Azuma Okita Godai
adoptive brothers: Isao Gori-san Kondo, Tosshi Hijikata, Toshizo Hijikata Saotome, Shuhei Kondou Saotome, Natsuru Kaito Senou Saotome and Alto Saotome

natural children: Leonardo, Nightsyn, Rintoki,Yukio Ginpachi, Tetsuya Bezaliel, Kaname Rinatoki, Yukiko Ayame, Teletha “Tessa” Ginger, and Momo Ginatoki

Helena has many adopted children: many beautiful and diverse children some are from the SugarDemon and SugarFang branch of the family

Other Family: Almost everyone in the grand GrandSugarClan. (Either by blood or by strong bonds).

Orientation: She is good. Pure at heart and certainly sweet. Even as destroyer of worlds she is good, only that when she in that mode, she believes she’s destroying as a form of  extreme justice.

Species: Original Alien Seraphim of the race before the time of the Elders and Ancient Ones.

Appearance: She has fair to beige skin. Her hair color ranges from different tones of blue and purple to a very dark black. Sometimes streaks of white/silver will appear in her hair. Her eye colors constantly change. Sometimes she will have two completely different colors at once and sometimes they will stay a heavenly blue color for a while.

Personality: Sweet soul, kind, caring, nurturing, loving.

Other: When in Alien Seraphim mode, she is a dangerous to all and also to herself.

Powers:  Celestial Healing/Creator / Dimensional Teleportation/ Destructive Countenance / Wing Manifestation & Pyrokinetic Wing Manifestation ( two to nine wings in Seraphic mode) / Enochian Magick / Cosmic Awareness / Energy Manipulation (Absorption, Distribution and Barriers) /  Manipulation of the Elements (Including Holy Fire, Sacred Light and Divine Energy) / Purification / Empathy & Musical Empathy (She’s still trying to find out if she’s immortal or semi-immortal and learning of new powers.)

Short BackStory:

Helena is a sweet hybrid alienseraphim/human learning more about herself as she goes through her daily life. Helena’s tragedy is that, although she’s normally a sweet soul, she needs to control her true nature. Born of an alien race created specifically as a weapon to destroy planets, she is capable of wiping out an entire races and planets, she was the only one of her kind to survive when her race was executed by mercenaries that sought to gain their powers. She was the only one with pure blood from the king of her long gone planet and the blood of her human mother which made her unique, extremely powerful and deadly in seraphim form. This make her the target of vicious mercenaries and other malevolent entities who wish to exploit her and her abilities..
When her powers are under control she uses the powers of seraphim angels to heal family, friends, creatures and plants that are injured. She prefers to be gentle, kind and loves to be with family and friends. Thanks to all those family and friends she has been able to control her powers for the most part. They are true reason and passion for her existence. As she learns more ab ut herself, she learns she has hidden abilities and slowly becomes more powerful which gets the attention of more powerful villains and even fearful gods. Helena finds herself challenged as she uses her powers for good and tries to keep her family and friends safe while also protecting the powers of destruction from being used by others.


// admin: Note to all my beloved rp friends. I prefer to rp in groups. Please refrain from sending me messages (unless you ask me). No chats please.


+++Helena’s main character images+++
My IMVU avatar
Morrighan Mabinogi
Leonardo Da Vinci (Caster) of Fate/Grand Order
Rosetta of GranBlue Fantasy
Taihou of AzureLane
Haruna/Kongou of KanColle
Nozomi Tojo of Love Live!
Ikagura / Asuka / Yumi of Senran Kagura
Shirayuri Sakura – Kanpani☆Girls
Mai Shiranui of Dead or Alive
Sagisawa Fumika (The iDolM@ster: Cinderella Girls)
(some) Yennefer of the Witcher / (some) Tifa Lockhart
Several from League of Angels (Grace, Lunaria, etc.)