Large Family Non-Formal Dining Area

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      *she peaks into the large family dining area* Wow! This is huge! Definitely perfect for our family! *she laughs* Mommy Helena knows how to get things done! *rolls up her sleeves.* I better help her out. *she starts to sweep up the area to make sure it’s absolutely clean.*

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      *She walks over and hugs Kaname.* Sis-in-law! How are you? I just brought over my bento box so I can sit here. Since most are resting it should be a rather peaceful meal. *she laughs lightly* Would you care to join me? The bento boxes are in the kitchen.

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      *The family would start gathering around the kitchen and the large family non-formal dining area to start preparing for a thanksgiving feast. Especially since Red was suppose to make preparations. Of course, they wouldn’t leave her alone with such a large task. Those who were at the healing center would be brought back to the mansion. And cleaning, set up, grocery shopping and cooking would soon commence. It was rare to get the whole family together for the occasion but this time they’d give it a try. (2017 Thanksgiving Feast.)* I’ll help set up in the dinning room area! *he was looking for the seasonal plates for the feast.*

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      YA HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Kiyoshi! This is gonna be a great feast brother! *he jumped in almost knocking the plates out of Kiyoshi’s hands but he held them up for him and grabbed a few.* Let me help with the set up! Ah it was a great training day at school. Had the students working hard! YA HA!

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      *Shoichi was taking a break from his investigative work at Kabukicho to join in on the festivities and to make sure he got some of the great food that was available but mainly to be with family. He would have to head back after the feast and write up at report of his findings at S-Clan.* Happy Thanksgiving family! *he takes some utensils to help set up the tables.* Hey dad Yoichi, are you doing this to get extra food on your plate.? *Grins* Hi minna! Hi uncle Kiyoshi! *he he would open one of the curtains to the windows and then turn around and start putting the utensils in place.*

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      *walks in the dining room area.* Yo! Everyone is coming so get all the damn plates! *he would open the cabinet with all the plates and starts taking them out and putting them on one of the tables.* The napkins! The chopsticks! What else? *wiggles his ears*

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      * Walked in looking at all her family that was gathered there. Smiled going into the kitchen wondering what to make for the joyous holiday.* Hello all Happy Thanksgiving anything I can do to help ??!

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      *A whirlwind appears within the mansion and then stops suddenly revealing Koga with a huge bag.* WOOO HOO! I can’t wait! Where’s the meat!? hahaha! *he howls happily. He puts the bag on one of the tables slowly taking out bottles of sake, wine, cognac, whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum, tequila, beer, and various liquors. He then pulls out the most beloved of their alcoholic drinks…* I’ve got the Absinthe!!!

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      Damn brother! Are you trying to get us drink before the food is even prepared! HAHAHA
      *he looks at Hibiki.* Hello granddaughter! How have you been? Hmm, you may have to ask in the kitchen, since your grandauntie Red is making the meal, she could use all the help she can get.

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      *Ryoga stumbles in cursing at Koga.* Why did you leave me outside baka?!!! I got lost in the front yard again!

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      *Koga laughs hard and looks at Ryoga.* I left you out there cos you were green in the face. I wasn’t gonna have you puke inside the house. Everytime I bring you with me, you get sick and puke so I left you outside. Baka! *he retorts and grins*