Class 3-Z (Gintama Classroom)

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      Oi! Welcome to Class 3-z (Gintama School) housed within the gigantic True CrossOver Academy of the Blue Flame. We didn’t feel like spending money on making a separate school when the faculty could get free fancy meals and I could get plenty of strawberry milk right here!
      Anyway, minna! Welcome to class 3-z! Anyone who didn’t bring strawberry milk for the sensei! Please stand outside!
      Classes will be conduced by several members of our staff…

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      *Tetsu-Shiro tried to make sure to be in class when he wasn’t busy with Shinsengumi or Shinigami work.* Damn this is a pain! I have to multitask! Hey Gin sensei! Arigato for keeping classes in one place! Makes it easier for a guy like me. Now what is this about strawberry milk? By the time I get it here it will be rotten!

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      *Holding a notebook where he writes down names of those he plans to manipulate. He grins playfully at the teacher.* Sensei! This Shinigami sititng at the window dropped his notebook on my desk. All I want to know is how do you spell your full name? YA HA!

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      *A vein popped out as she was referred as a student by that perm, but respectively, the blonde terminator is also one of the faculty members of the class. She just glared at the perm*

    • Shimura Tae
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      Shimura Tae sits down on the seat beside the window and looks outside. It’s B’z’s concert today but she couldn’t go.

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      *Takeda comes in and takes a seat and wonders if the sensei will notice that he brought in Strawberry milk for himself. He tries to sip it quietly while sitting in the far back end of the last row.*

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      *walks over and slams his palm on Gintoki sensei’s classroom board.* Keep your class under control! I can hear all the mayhem taking place in here from down the hall! *he then turns around adjusting his monocle and heads back to his own classroom.*

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      *He stands up* Oooh I have three things to say! Gomen sensei Thoth but bananas are better than corn. *he then turns to Sensei Gin* Ooh I have been wanting to say this to you for a while but, look at Takasugi! He looks suspicious! OOh and one more thing! *he looks over to Tae and blushes and then yells out at the top of his lungs.* Oooh Otae san, go out with me!

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      *Looks at Thoth.* Oi oi! Did someone miss his morning hot corn drink? *looks at Gori.* Oi who let the gorilla in my class! Someone call the zoo!

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      Sensei Lucifer. *coughs* I mean Sensei Gin is off for the holidays. So today’s class will be held by Captain Sensei Katsura! *He taps on the board and then Elizabethu puts on the the projector.* Minna! If you ever find yourself on someone’s roof and you are mistakenly caught holding their bra or pantsu. Here is your best defense! Improvise! Remember this final lesson for the holidays! Enjoy the your holiday time off! We’ll be back after the vacations! Don’t forget to sign up for Joui classes and recruitment! *waves*

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      *raises his hands, his bunny ears flip and stare at Katsura.* Zura sensei! *digs his nose and flips a booger, then sits straight in his seat.* WHY THE HELL WOULD I BE ON SOMEONE’S ROOF GRABBING A BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! What kinda hentai lesson is this? I want my money back!!