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Yagi Toshinori *All Might* (PlusUltraGalactoseBestiarusz)

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Full Name: Yagi Toshinori
Alias: All Might
Epithet: Symbol of Peace
Member of the SugarBeast Branch of the GrandSugarClan
Clan Name: UltraPlusSugarBeast
BirthDate: June 19
Race: Human / Superhero (due to Quirk: All for One)
Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Blue
BloodType: A
Occupation: Teacher / Retired Pro Hero
Teaches at U.A. High School within True Cross Academy of the Blue Flame
Team: Hideout Raid Team
Fighting Style: Close Combat
Best Friend: Saitama

Arrival in Skyrie:
Arrived in the New World (Skyrie) during a fight with a villain that wrapped his body in a warped dimension and expulsed him from his own world and timeline. He was luckily rescued by Helena and Gintoki during a time when he was unconscious, along with Saitama,  while falling from the sky and into the borderlands (Escape from Otherworld).