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Bon Ryuuji Suguro Kondo (AriaDragoonSugarBeast)



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Fullname: Ryuuji “Bon” Suguro Kondo
Nickname: Bon
Member  of the SugarBeast Branch,  also Member of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan.

former Co-Leader of the Sugarfang Branch
ClanName: AriaDragoonSugarBeast

Adoptive Parents: Isao “Gori” Kondo Saotome.
Considers Helena his mother and sometimes even calls Gin pops.
Brothers: Kiyoshi, Akuto Sosuke, and Tsumugu
Also considers all the children of Helena and Gintoki Lucifer his siblings.
Once a Child of the Cursed Temple, Bon was adopted into a great family by Isao “Gori” Kondo Saotome. He’s Hardworking, studies hard and determined. He didn’t discover his real parents were alive and well until later in his life but he already had strong bonds with the family that took him in. Bon started out as an exwire and now Bon is an exorcist of the True Cross Order. His personality is kinda standoffish if he don’t know someone but once he get to know others he lets down his defenses and can even be humorous.