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Hellcat (Trixie Walker)

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Full Name: Patricia Walker
Nickname: Trixie
Hero Name: Hellcat
Mother: Patricia “Patsy” Walker (an empowered human)
Father: Unknown (believed to be nekodemon)
Race: Human/Feline/Demon

Basics: A romantic young girl with notions of being a good hero. Jumps into action without giving it a second thought.
She’s seeking to learn more about the father she never knew. On her quest to find him she ended up being transported into an unfamiliar world and there her story begins.

Well-trained martial artist and gymnast
Cat-like instincts
Force field generation
Retractable claws and grappling hooks
Inherited a magic cloak from her mother which she uses to sense mystical phenomena or deflect mystical attacks
has some acting abilities she learned from her mother but never utilized them.

Distant cousin: Leonezza of GSC
Former Crush: Sensei Daimon S. Hellstorm
Boyfriend/Love Interest: Mo-ri Jin
Friend: Teletha Testarossa whom she knows as Black Cat

// Note: Ally/Friend of the GrandSugarClan

Main Character images used: Hellcat (obviously) / Asobi No Iku Yo’s Eris/ Saratoga of Kancolle