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Hikari Asukahime Inoue (AutumnPeachWarriorSugarFairy)



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Full name: Hikari Asukahime Inoueku
ClanName: AutumnPeachRoseSugarFairy

Member of the SugarSpirit Branch of the GrandSugarClan

Alternative Identity: Ryouko Otonashi / Mary Reaper
Birthday: April 8
Height: 169cm / Weight: 44kg
Hair Color: Several shades of peach and orange.

Species: Warrior Earth Fairy/Human Hybrid

Occupation: Huntress /Warrior / Guardian/ Substitute Shinigami

Specialties: Super High Level Fashion Diva, Modeling, skilled assassin.
Weapons: Fairy Magick, Sword, and Bow~n~Arrow
Martial Status: In open relationship with Kyo-Ichigo
Love Rival: Neliel
Favorite foods: peaches, sweet potatoes

Personality: Spicy, strong warrior-spirit, creative, flirtatious (especially with Kyo-Ichigo), likes to annoy Neliel. She’s also humorous, friendly, optimistic, friendly, kind and very independent.

Special Note: Main Character looks: Fairy/Elf warrior with orange hair.

Sonja of Red Sonja
Dawn of Cry for Dawn, Rangiku/Orichime of Bleach, Katrina and Pentakill Sona of League of Legends, Poison Ivy of DC Comics, Shared with (Leviachan) Junko Enoshima of Danganronpa (only the orange hair version), Murata Himeko (Girls Fronline)