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Mephisto FaustianSugarDemon Pheles Sakata



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Primary Character: Mephisto Pheles Sakata
Member of the SugarDemon Family within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: FaustianSugarDemon

Real name: Mephistopheles
aliases: Mephisto Pheles Sakata, Johann Faust V, Samael, and sometimes Trickster
favorite nickname: Mephy
Race: Demon
Age: some say it’s over 1,000 but his age is unknown
Birthday: August 28
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Green
Height: 195 cm (6′ 5″)
Weight: 74 kg (163 lbs)
Blood type: Unknown

adoptive parents: in the human world: Inuyassha and Kasumi (Sato Akuma)
infernal brothers:
Satan Kurotoki, Gintoki Lucifer, Kintoki Belial, Belphegorr, and a legion of others.
Demoness Wife: Lilith SultrySuccubusSugarfiend Ravendawn vonPhelesSakata
Son: Tytus Faustino RavendawnPhelesSakata ~ SerpentineSugarDragon
Daughter: Mephista Jezebella Jakurin SerpentiaSugarDragon RavendawnPhelesSakata

Pastimes and talents: Movies, manga, anime, video games, music, toys, subcultures, very intelligent
Average hours of sleep per night: 1
Favorite foods: Junk food, sweets
Favorite manga genres: All genres
Favorite type of girl: Temptresses, “devilish”, or elegant/beautiful, girls with sad pasts.
Martial Status: Single (But is somewhat enthralled by Lady Lilith Ravendawn)

Mephy’s original mission was to bring his brothers Lucifer (Gintoki) and Belial (Kintoki) back to Gehenna but he was distracted by everything the human world and humans had to offer and never returned. Mephy is the Chairman of True Cross Academy, Co-Principal at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames and is also an Exorcist. He possesses the unique and peculiar ability of transforming into a small dog after counting to three in German. He claims he playfully started transforming into a small demon dog upon learning the heritage of his adoptive father Inuyassha. He’s well known in human world folklore.


Secondary Character: Belphegorr “Belphy” Pheles Sakata
Nicknames: Belphy, and sometimes Bel but doesn’t like that too much.
Co-Leader of the SugarFang Branch of the GrandSugarClan
Family names: ObsceneSugarFang/ WickedSugarFang
Gender: Male (when playing tricks on people he can shift to female)
Age: human age 26 / real age: unknown
Weapons: knives and wires
Box animal: Storm Mink (Visone Tempesta)
Flame: Storm
Human Birthdate: December 22
Zodiac: Capricorn
human Blood type: AB
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 58kg
Favorite foods: Humans (as a demon he has a strong urge to torture and eat humans)
Titles: Lord of Peor, Ambassador of the Infernal Regions of France. Demon of International Rivalry and Enmity. Demon of Discord and Inventions. Best known as the demon of Sloth.
As a Resident genius of the Varia he is the holder of the Ring of Storm and fought Gokudera for it. He is known by this group as “Prince the Ripper.”
Infernal brother of Gintoki Lucifer, Kintoki Belial, Mephisto, Satan Kurotoki and several unnamed.
His first venture into the human world was because Lucifer (Gintoki) ordered him to investigate the humans and the institution of marriage. He entered left the gates of the infernal regions behind the first time and took on the form of a human called Roderigo of Castille and he was forbidden from eating human flesh. He figured he would do well in Florence since it was lively and he could eat plenty of meat in substitute for what he normally enjoyed. After having a few masquerades he settled down and married a woman named Onesta Donati. Not only did the woman spend all his money, she was vain and got him into more mischief than he could handle in human form. Belphegorr got a taste for jail and poverty which he detested. To make matters worse the relatives of his wife were also greedy. Onesta’s mother tried to trap him in an enchanted bottle. She had somehow figured out who he was. At this point another demon came and released Belphegorr from his mission and they both returned to Hell to report their findings. He despised marriage and all it stood for.

His second instance, he was born from a human and a demon union he escaped from the infernal regions and was retained by the mother and an adoptive father. When he was eight years old, he murdered his twin brother as well as his whole family, and still becomes euphoric when he sees his own blood, reminding him of the time he stabbed his brother. After that, he joined the Varia Assassination Squad by himself.
When he was back in the infernal regions, he felt unease when his brother Lucifer  (Gin) and then Belial (Kin) left the infernal regions but even more agitated to have been left there with his despicable brother Satan (Kurotoki). When Mephy escaped, Belphegorr could focus on nothing more than leaving. Upon his third escape from the infernal regions, he found his brother Belial who called himself Kintoki on earth with a woman whom he realized was not entirely human, Helena. Helena (sweet seraphim sugardemon) was so beautiful that he eventually fell in love with her as well but this woman was deeply in love with Lucifer (Gintoki ) brother so he could not interfere in their union.  Not to say that he didn’t try. As time went by and he asked to remain on earth he was able to join his brothers Lucifer Gin, Belial Kin and Mephisto. Because Inuyassha and Kasumi of the Sato Akuma Branch agreed to adopt him he ended up with several more brothers and sisters in the human world. This time Belphy enjoyed himself in the human world. Yet, he had a hard time controlling his voracious flesh eating appetite.
Belphy’s forturne was to change, during an upheaval in the infernal regions, Satan had sent his minions to get Mephy and Belphy back. Belphegorr had left the gates opened and the minions easily crossed through. When the minions tried to capture Helena, Belphy stepped in to protect her, even letting himself be captured so that she would not be harmed.
// Note: This is my alternative character. Belphy is not meant to be nice to everyone and because of his lineage he demands respect. He’s mostly uncontrollable except by a select few currently those are his uncle Lord Sesshomaru Bokyosei, his adoptive parents Inuyassha and Kasumi, his older brothers Mephy, Gin (Lucifer) and Kin (Belial), Bon Ryuji Suguro and Helena Okumura Sakata. The story has developed greatly since this story for Belphy was written. //