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Teletha Ginger (ClumsyGreySugarDemon) TestarossaOkumuraSakata d'Elric

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FullName: Teletha Ginger Testarossa OkumuraSakata d’HohenheimElric
Nickname: ‘Tessa’
Member of the SugarDemon family and Sato Naphalem branch, and the WhisperedAlchemistAnsuz Unit of the GrandSugarClan
My clan name is: ClumsyGreySugarDemon
BirthDate: Dec. 24
Race: Human/Demon/SeraNephalem/ Hybrid
Parents: Gintoki Lucifer Sakata and Helena Yuriko Okumura-Sakata
GrandParents: Inuyassha and Kasumi / Ranma and Akane / Kyoko and Yusaku (SatoAkuma Elders)

Biological siblings: Leonardo, Night, Rintoki, Yukio, Tetsuya, Kaname, Yukiko, and Momo
Adopted Siblings: Too many to list here but love them all!
Husband: Edwardo HohenheimElric (Sakata) (XerxesianFullMetalAlquimistaSugarDemon)
Sons: Kinzou and Keiichi
Adopted daughter: Satzuki Rae

I’m the charmingly clumsy Captain of the revered TDD-1 Tuatha De Danaan submarine of the anti-terrorist organization Mithril. It was created for use in underwater and aquatic warfare against terrorists, smugglers, and military units. I’m the chief designers of the TDD-1 Tuatha de Danaan offensive submarine, and the creator of Dana, the submarine’s Artificial Intelligence.
I’m American-Japanese but lived on submarines and military bases for the majority of my life. I’m a child prodigy who rose to the rank of Captain at the age of only sixteen. Later, it was revealed that I am a Whispered, my high level of mathematical and scientific adeptness is dwarfed only by my big brother’s Leonardo. His superior abilities to mine seems to have instilled with me a sense of inferiority. Though not very athletically inclined, I have shown to be a very good swimmer.

Like AkutoSousuke, I used to dislikes alcohol, unwittingly citing the same reason as AkutoSousuke for avoiding it. I had an interest in AkutoSousuke that extended beyond a professional one, generating a love triangle between AkutoSosuke and KanameRinatoki for a while. Even though Kaname and I used to compete against each other for AkutoSousuke, we were and still are close sisters, as we enjoyed talking about AkutoSousuke and his unique military charm.

I am a half-demon but since I had no knowledge of my parents Helena and Lucifer-Gin, my demon side has been hidden dormant within me.
The ones I believed were my parents were assassinated and that’s why I excelled in becoming part of Mithril. Later when I re-united with my real parents they explained everything that happened to me and I became part of their lives again along with a large family I’m grateful for. I learned that I share my birthday with some of my brothers and sisters, December 24, but we were mostly born on different years.

After Kaname and AkutoSosuke married. I had already gotten over feelings for AkutoSosky, then the amazingly charming Edwardo came along and swept me off my feet. I am now married to Edwardo Elric-OkumuraSakata and have two beautiful twin boys with him, Kinzou and Keiichi and a lovely adopted daughter Satsuki.

I have done my best to dedicate more time to my beloved family. I share work responsibility att Odd Jobs with the rest of the family while still doing work for Mithril. I also took on the role of School Secretary and Treasurer at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame, working for brother Yukio Ginpachi’s prestigious academies.

(from my fb bio: I want to protect you.. (bio of a clumsygreysugardemon) written on back in August 3, 2013 at 9:26pm and will slowly be updated and edited for the new world Skyrie.)

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my personlized IMVU avatar photos, Teletha Testarossa (FMP), Skadi (Arknights), Black Cat (Marvel), Kallen Kaslana (Houkai 3rd), Kizuna Akari (Vocaloid), Alfou (Wixoss), AK12 (Girls Frontline), Shoukaku (Kantai / Kancolle Collection), Ashe (League of Legends), Lucifer (Narakarana), Grayfia Lucifuge (High School DxD), Modeus (Helltaker)