Welcome to True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame III (Located in Skyrie Universe)

NOTE: This is an crossover rp academy. The name is based on Ao no Exorcist series but all anime/ non-anime characters here to rp are welcomed.

This academy is run by Principal and Sensei Yukio Ginpachi Okumura-Sakata.
Within the immense grounds of TCABF we house several institutions. True Cross Academy (a place where students are trained to become Exorcists), Gintama School Class 3-Z, Vampire Night Class and others (see forums). Our academy has several dorms, a cafeteria, a gym, outdoor sports, a diverse faculty, a large library, a potion shop, etc. We have day and night classes for all.

Domo arigato,
your principal,
Yukio Ginpachi

// for rules please see the forum named “about the academy…” //

Group admins

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  • Profile picture of Mephisto FaustianSugarDemon Pheles Sakata
  • Profile picture of Alfonsina "Ali" MaelstromSugarDemon Elric-OkumuraSakata
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Group mods

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