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Glenn Eliphas Raydars +DaXustizaSugarMage+

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Full Name:  Glenn Eliphas Raydars
Epithet: Mage of Justice
Alias: The Fool
Leader of the SugarMage Branch and Member of the ZaccharumMagus Division within the Sato Demone Branch of the GrandSugarClan
Birthdate: Dec. 7
Hair color: Black / Eye color: Black
Height: 180 cm (5’ll)
Parents: None (orphan)
Love Interest/ Wife: Damiana Astarotte Elric-OkumuraSakata d’Raydars
Daughter: Tanya Helreginna ElricOkumuraSakata Raydars

In-laws: Yukio and Alfonsina (OkumuraSakata)
best friend/considered cousins: Albertus Frazer

Basics: Formerly known as Renn Gladars in some circles and by last name Radars in others, once he moved to the new world he shed his old surname and instead went back to his true family name Raydars. The name Renn Gladars and Radars were aliases he used to keep vengeful magicians from finding him. He had also been known as a famous assassin known as #0 a/k/a ‘The Fool’. His true name, which he learned when he got one of his few memories restored, is Eliphas but he likes to go by his current name Glenn.

Glenn was a former magician killer that worked for the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex. He was also the creator of the current holder of “The Fool” card, which negates magic around him.

He later became a substitute teacher at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy and later, he was promoted to full time magic teacher after he saved his class from an outside attack.

He and his closest friend Albertus Frazer, who was also a member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex, found themselves on the path towards Skyrieverse. The two had become so close, many considered them family so they would frequently refer to each other as cousins.

Once in the new world, Glenn and Albertus sought out work and found themselves running into familiar faces. One of these was the Principal of True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames, Yukio OkumuraSakata. Thanks to this connection they were able to secure work at the academy and then, Glenn came across someone whom he hadn’t seen in a long time but made his heart flutter.

Glenn and Damiana were childhood friends. He had observed her in the old world but they weren’t as close as they had become when he moved into the new world. She was older and he noticed how beautiful she had become. Eventually, their love blossomed and he ended up marrying and adopting a child with her. He become devoted to the GrandSugarClan and his family, in turn, they welcomed him as family with open arms.

Glenn is a bit lazy, laid-back and easy-going but when he puts his mind to something he’s persistent. He’s a bit of a strategist. He was more outgoing and aspired until the death of his partner Sara Silvers which made him become jaded and cynical, at one point he gave up his goals. He also has a bit of a darkside which he barely shows but he does indulge when he’s at war. A lot of this change after meeting his love Damiana. He continues to find things to be passionate about and he’s protective of his students and those he holds closest to his heart. His misadventure into a new dimension has allowed him to find his true calling in the new world as he continues his adventures in his new life.

Weapons: Magic, ‘The Fool’, Guns, hand-to-hand combat skills

Occupation: Bastard Magic Instructor at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame
Affiliation: Alzano Imperial Court Magicians, Alzano Imperial Magic Academy