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Alfonsina "Ali" MaelstromSugarDemon Elric-OkumuraSakata

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Full Name: Alfonsina Arturia Candy Pendragon HohenheimElric-OkumuraSakata
nickname: Ali
Member of the SugarDemon Family, SatoNaphalem Branch, Deimon Alchemist Branch and RoyalDragoonianIllumnatus Unit within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: MaelstromSugarDemon

BirthDate: May 23
parents: adopted daughter of Kintoki / adopted daughter of Helena
Husband: Yukio Ginpachi Okumura-Sakata
Biological Daughter: Damiana Astarotte
Adopted Androids: Sonar Akitoki (son) and Ecko Haruki (daughter)
Twin sister of Alfonso
Additional siblings on father’s side: Yoichi, Edwardo, LucyAkita
other siblings: So many and she loves them all.
talents: Mainly Magician and Alchemist but she’s a strong swordfighter. She learned Automail mechanics during a rougher time in her life where this was required as a monetary means for survival and now works creating stronger mecha type suits for family to use in their battles.

Her specialization is creating powerful maelstroms during battle. Although it’s main property is water, depending on where she is she can use any of the elements at her disposal to create her maelstrom.

Basics: Alfonsina is a strong willed woman. She also works hard at any of the family businesses she is needed at. She’s very devoted to her family and her husband Yukio Ginpachi.  Ali learned some “magic” from Helena and some of the elders. She learned hand-to-hand combat styles from her grandfather Ranma and she gained her excellent swords skills thanks to her uncles Toshizo and Soji.

Personality: Ali is calm and collected but when she loses her temper she can become rather violent. She tries to be helpful and is constantly working on something when not resting with her husband Yukio Ginpachi.

She’s proud to be part of the GSC and to have such a loving family.

**Main images used for my character**
Saber (Fate Universe)
Winry Rockbell (FMA)
Violet Evergarden (VE)
Bishamonten/ Bishamon/ Vaisravana of Noragami
Supergirl (DC Comics)
female version of Ed/Al (FMA)
female version of Kintoki (Gintama)
female version of Gilgamesh (Fate Universe)
and my IMVU personalized images.