Thoth seeks and audience with Hadesu

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      *As the intensity at Gravelands escalates. Thoth heads to Hades to speak to Hadesu. He calls upon him and to have a meeting between gods.* There is news of goddess Urd. She and her protectors have completed their missions. How shall you respond to this revelation, Lord of the Underground?

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      Hadesu: *He approaches Thoth while holding a notebook in his hands and sighs* Shinigami Ryuk is so troublesome. He dropped the Death Note and condemned a human to purgatory again. I had to punish him for some time. He’s our resident rebel. *Bows and takes a seat* Thoth sama, the news about goddess Urd is good to hear. No doubt she has surpassed her trials in many ways. *He then shows Thoth his chains* Those I had taken from the middle world have been released. I only kept my fellow shinigami here to protect the innocent souls of those already departed. *he then looks away.* Shall we see what is happening in Gravelands then. *He summons over a bird holding a small crystal ball and sets it down.* I love to see how our lovely Helena handles her powers.

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      // Hmm, I meant to write Thoth seeks an audience with Hadesu. Too bad I can’t edit this. No matter, I’ll be more careful next time I post. //
      *The gods watch the fight happening at the Graveland battlefield. They can see the strain it’s taking on Helena and how the family comes together at the battlefield and around all areas to protect themselves and others.* They are selfless and protective. They have been for so long a force of justice and great power. Lady Helena has done rather well with the immense powers handed to her. She is transporting family to safety using the key to open the portals that she inherited from her father. But she may not remain there, although her husband is fighting fiercely for her. We cannot allow Helena to fall into Satan’s grasp. He is much aware of her origins and talents as we are. Let us take her out of the scene and transport her to safety.