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Ōdanna +SpicySucreSpiritus+

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Fullname: Ōdanna Omavuro Tarakudo
True name: Only known to Lord Hadesu and Lord Satan
In human form he likes to call himself Jinpachi
Member of the SugarSpirit Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: SpicySugarSpirit
Race: Ogre/Oni/Rakshasa
Father: Lord Demon Mavuro
Older Half-Brother of Guri Gedomaru Tarakudo (duKetsuno)
also referred to as “Ogre God” or “Master Innkeeper” by other Ayakashi.
Occupation: Master Innkeeper at Tenjin’ya Inn.

Basics: Odanna is a handsome pale-skinned ogre that looks like a young man. He normally dresses very formally and sometimes wears a traditional ogre mask. He can disguise himself as a human when it is necessary but in the new world he has found himself in, he doesn’t feel the need to hide himself as much.

Odanna can be cold and merciless but is loved and respected by his staff and the community he caters to. Thanks to Lady Helena, he has been able to express more emotions such as kindness and those who surround him have found that in reality, he has a very big heart. He respects those who are ambitious and hardworking.

He had escaped Lord Satan’s grasp and entered the Apparent World in order to make his way towards and remain in the less torturous realm of Hades. This has caused Lord Satan to seek out his death but he’s well protected by the clan that has embraced him that Lord Satan’s efforts have fallen short. However, Odanna is sure that Lord Satan hasn’t given up yet, so he remains in constant vigilance.

Powers & Abilities: As one of the eight Hachiyo members of the Hidden Realm, Ōdanna is known as a powerful ayakashi with control over his green ogre flame. And as mentioned previously, he can disguise himself as a human.

Wanted by Lord Satan for escaping with several other underworld creatures from the realms of Gehenna.

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