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Koenma Jr. Prince Daioh (RegalSucreSpiritus)

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Full name: Koenma Jr. Daioh
addressed as: Prince Koenma / Junior
alias: Master Jericho
Prince of the Spirit World and Responsible for the Spirit Detectives
Leader of the SugarSpirit Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: RegalSugarSpirit
Father: Enma Daioh
Race: Shinigami Spirit (can take on human form)
Hair: Brown / Eyes: Brown
BirthDate: Oct 20th (Libra)
Age: Officially Unknown but rumored to be over 700 years old.
Abilities: Efficient at paperwork. Has a pacifier that seems harmless but it gathers his pure ki and seals dangerous youkai. Metamorphosis, Reiki Shield, and owner of the Demon Seal Ring.
Personality: Bossy when at work otherwise gentle and easy going. Gets along great with Botan but his assistant ogre Jorge drives him nuts.