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Hela Lucifera d'Sakatano ⛧ HexenVâlvătaieSugarFiend



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Full Name: Countess Hela LuzSephira (Lucifera) AlbedoLust d’Sakatano
Nickname : Hela / LuzHela
Alias: Kiss of Demonic Fire Queen
Race: Human, demoness, shapeshifter, witch / Formerly human.
Member of SugarFiend Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: LadyLusciouSugarFiend Queen of Hexenfyre
BloodSisters: Ginko and Lilith
In a complex marriage with Satan Nero Kurotoki Sakatano of the SugarFiends
Daughter: Zehellenia Z. Albedo-Sakatano (a/k/a ZeZa)
Adoptive daughter of Lord Hadesu

Basics: She was on the verge of dying when Helena (of the SugarDemons) saved her and infused her with her own seraphic essence to save her life. Lord Hadesu took the former human into the netherworld and adopted her as his daughter. In the Nether Regions she spent her time as a child and eventually found her way into the inferno where she gained demonic powers and spent most of her time. She caught Satan’s interest but he would become her lover later in her life. She first met the two women who would become her blood sisters, Lilith and Ginko and their adventures would begin and lead them back to the GrandSugarClan.

Weapons: Hexenhammer / HexenSword / Witch Magick / Demonic Powers

Admin Note: This is an alt char. of Helena Okumura Sakata (SugarDemon).
She only has one child with Satan Kurotoki Sakatano and doesn’t adopt children, so please don’t ask.
Don’t bother my character unless I involve you in her rps. Absolutely no messages or chats.

++Main Images used for Hela Lucifera are as follows:
My IMVU avatar images
Albedo of Overloard
Lust of Full Metal Alchemist
Lucifera (Ediperiodici Comics)
GhostRider (Female Version) of Marvel Comics.
Battleship Abyssal Princess (Leader of Abyssal Fleet) Of Kantai Collection
Friedrich der Grosse of Azur Lane
Lyssa Drak of DC Comics
Astaroth Shinra BanshoWorld (Interchangable with Grand niece Satanachia)