Winter Party!! Happy Birthday to those born in December!

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      *Every year the family would have a grand celebration for family and friends born December. This was mainly because most of Helena’s children were born in December and it was easier for everyone to gather up during the winter parties. She was making cakes for her family and friends born in the month of December and setting them out on a table for all to see. She would giggle as she made sure to decorate the place with balloons, ribbons and she had made plenty of sweets and put them on each of the tables so everyone could enjoy them. She then stood in front of the birthday party table.*
      Happy Birthday to you…*she would begin to sing to them.* Then she announced the names… Domo arigato Roy for helping me with this. *she looked over to one of her sons.*
      Happy Birthday Thoth sama, Leo, Tessa, Yukiko, Kaname, Yukio, Rintoki, NightSyn, Satanachia, Leviachan, Akoya Kurama, Damiana, Kamui Yato Chi (miss you), Kamara, Rin, Yachiru, and Luciela!!
      *She would then clap her hands together as everyone cheered them on.*

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      *Saya joined the party at the bakery. She wore a blue santa hat and 50’s style blue dress with black high heel shoes. She dressed up for the party and brought some presents for her family with her. she handed everyone a box (use your imagination for the gift) she then smiles.* Merry Christmas family! *she was happy to have had her family join them in the new world.* I may have lost my entry into the old world but this new world is now my new and beloved home!

      *she would smile and throw kisses at everyone. She then went over and hugged Al, Helena, Soji and Sougo.* Let’s enjoy ourselves! Where is that creamy peppermint latte I just walked past?

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      Best wishes to each of you on your birthdays! *he walks by acknowledging them each and then sits at a table waiting to enjoy the delicious cakes made for the occasion.*

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      Saya, sis! good to see you here, looking beautiful as ever!

      *Mei hugs her sister from behind for a sec. then hand everybody their present.*

      I hope you guys have a happy birthday! Now, shall we enjoy some cake? *smiles*

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      *He watches his grand niece Mei wishing happy birthday to her family. He takes her hand and looks at her.* Greetings lovely grand niece! It is a sweet delight to see you again. Is your husband not joining us in the new world?

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      YO! *walks in with a smile on his face. He looks back to make sure Ryoga hasn’t gotten lost and was still behind him.* Happy Birthday! *he said to everyone who was celebrating a birthday and then sat down next to Sesshy.* Big bro Sesshy did you grab some of the cake yet?* Yo granddaughter Mei! *he greets her*

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      *Follows Inu into the bakery and smiles* YAY!! I didn’t get lost! *calls Ranma to let him know where they are at.* Happy Birthday! *he shouts out to all those who are celebratingg their birthday! *he hugs them each and grabs some cake from Helena and brings it to the table.* Look at this variety of deliciousness!!!

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      *walks in shaking some snow off his head* Yo Happy Freakin Birthday to all of you! *laughs and heads over to the table where his brothers are sitting.* Ranma is outside parking the car. Han d me some of that cake. *His eyes open wide.* Did Helena make black forest cake too! *Howls excited* Oh yeah!!!!!! Let me have it!!!

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      Grand uncle! Grandfather! and your royal uncle! haha glad to see you all here.

      *she turns to her granduncle Sesshomaru.*  He will be soon, I believe he have some problem with his Visa. XD

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      *She smiles as she sang along to the Happy Birthday song. She then bounced bubbly around towards her family members as she gave them light hugs and handed them gifts. She then stopped in front of her husband Rintoki and put her arms around him.* Happy Birthday Rintoki, my hubby! *She kissed his face and then took a gift from a table and handed it to him.* This one is especially for you!