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Name: Kintoki Belial Sakata
NickName: Kin / Kin-chan
Member of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: GoldSugarDemon
Birthdate: November 13 (Scorpio)
Parents: Inuyassha and Kasumi
Brothers: Gintoki Lucifer, Satan Kurotoki, Takasugi, Katsura, Tatsuma, Leukocyte King, Mephy, Belphy and a few others.
Sisters: Pako, Tokiko and Ginko

💛Wifey: Noloty

Adoptive Sons: Yoichi, Edwardo, Alfonso
Adoptive Daughters: LucyAkita (deceased) , Alfonsina
Biological Twin Daughters: Solana Nova and Zarina Beliala

GrandChildren: Damiana Astarotte, Kinzou, Keiichi, Sonar, Ecko, Shoichi, Orion, Izumi Sena
GreatGrand Children: Tanya Hellregina and Yuna Di Kaito

Features: Kintoki looks like Gintoki, except he has blue eyes that sometimes turn red. Blonde straight hair and like Gintoki, he wields a Bokutou and has the same fighting style.
Height: 177 cm / Weight: 65 kg
Likes: girls and guys, flirting alcohol, Shounen Jump, automobile oil
Dislikes: anyone who hurts his family
Powers: charm, inducing fake memories, hypnosis wave can influence a whole city, similar fighting style to his brother Gintoki
Occupation: Yorozuya/Odd Jobs/Bartender

Kintoki, also known as Kin and Kin-chan, was built by Hiraga Gengai by the orders of Kagura and Shinpachi who were angry at Gintoki for leaving them alone for much too long. In order to keep working at Yorozuya they decided to make a perfect substitute leader the would fill Gintoki’s spot in his absence. He was built with a personality based on Gintoki. His maker described him as “Gintoki ver. 2.0” or “Perfect Gintoki. ”
At first Kintoki appeared to be reliable and caring and made all of Kabuki town fall for him, however he was given the ability to send out hypnosis waves at humans that did not work on animals or robots.
Kintoki enjoyed his new found status and went about replacing people’s memories of Gintoki with memories of himself. Gintoki discovered his plans and fought Kintoki in order to save his friends.

After his defeat, Kintoki was going to be dismantled but was stolen by some mercenaries who had their own use for him. He was re-created with the body of a human. He was saved by Inuyassha, father of Gintoki. When Inuyassha saw the robot with human features was dying he saved him by giving him a blood transfusion. Because of this he was granted a half-human/half-demon and mostly robot body. His new body now felt different more human. Now recreated, his new father Inuyassha made him promise not to try and take over Kabuki district. And that Gintoki was now his true brother since they had the same blood coursing through their veins.

What Kintoki didn’t count on were these human feelings that came with the new body and being like my brother, Gintoki Lucifer WhiteSugarDemon Sakata, Kin now longed for the affections of his brother’s wife, Helena SweetSugarSeraphim Okumura-Sakata and attempted to take her. Needless to say Gintoki tore Kin’s head off and let him live with a warning.
Kin respected his brother, had his head repaired by his old creator and tried his best to behave.

He later falls in love with the beautiful chocolate goddess and Helena’s cousin, Noloty. He’s grateful that Helena was tolerant with him and introduced him to someone with a matching personality to his. And he found a new love that flourished and he dearly cherishes. And finally he’s having his own biological demi demon daughters with his wife Noloty.

Kintoki now works with Gintoki at Yorozuya and other Odd Jobs with the GrandSugarClan

**Admin Notes:
Kintoki was once Lord Belial (this was played out in rps)
(Note my rp bio is a mix of my own creation with Kin’s original story.)
Alternative Characters (see photo albums):
Apollon Agana Belea (still active)
Honjou Kyoushirou of the SugarFiends (deceased)
Claude K Winchester, Grand SugarClan Promoter (deceased)
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