Welcome to SugarSweet Bakery & Cafe!
Located in the land of Skyrie in a small town named Kabukicho, SugarSweet Bakery & Cafe is a family-run establishment owned by Helena and Noloty.
Please come in and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere while enjoying a large variety of delightful pastries and sweets.
Please Read Rules:
1: RP Only Please
2: Please rp as if you are in a bakery & maid / host café .
3: Please respect our maids, hosts and staff.
4: Be nice to your fellow members
5: No alcohol is served at the cafe
6: Please watch what you post. Take heated discussions to your pm.
7: NO SPAM! NO BULLYING! No explicit hentai / yaoi / ecchi
8: Primary languages here are English and Spanish but all are welcomed!

Group admins

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  • Profile picture of Noloty Kagerou PoisonSugarDemon Maruchie
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  • Profile picture of Helena SweetSeraphimSugarDemon Okumura-Sakata

Group mods

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