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Noloty Kagerou PoisonSugarDemon Maruchie

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Skyrie Universe / SugarLand Empire

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Name: Noloty Kagerou Maruchie

Member of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan

ClanName: PoisonSugarDemon

Birthdate: April 17th (Aries)

Species: Trifecta (Goddess/Demoness/Human)

Natural Parents: The Almighty – Eldest of all Heavenly Gods and Queen Hild – Daimakaicho (which stands for Great Demon Lord Leader)

Adopted Parents: Catherine Nabiki Latchkey-Kuno and Tatewaki Kuno

Step-Brother: Archangel Michael

Husband: Kin

Personality: Cheerful yet impulsive and headstrong. Very protective and quite the fiery temper.

Abilities and Powers: Main abilities are fire and lightning however is knowledgeable in potion lore, witchcraft, magic, dimensional transport and among other supernatural capabilities. Pretty much a Jack of All Trades!

** Special Note**

The pictures for my character are the following:

Urd from Ahh My Goddess (Obviously! Duh!!)
Nessa from Pokémon
Ciri from The Witcher
Yoruichi from Bleach
Korra from Avatar
Sombra from Overwatch
Storm from Marvel X-Men
Danerys Targaryen from GOT (fan art not real life figure)
Judgement and Justice from Helltaker
Kagerou from Basilisk
Noloty from Book of Bantorra
Senna from League of Legends

Blackfire from DC (Shared with Rika)
White hair, dark elf beauty as you have seen on my photo albums

My personal IMVU pictures