visiting the bakery with devilishly delicious desserts

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      For humans and non-humans with an affinity for sugar, the SugarSweet Bakery & Cafe was the place they were often drawn too. Demons and monsters barely attacked the place because they were too busy savoring the sinful sweets in the plates before them. But the bakery also became a sort of sacred ground where attacks were forbidden, unless you were fighting for more sweets, where humans and other creatures could spend at least a moment without attacking each other. Anyone who did anything ridiculous in the bakery was often thrown out by a double astral punch created by Noloty and Helena that would be triggered when hostility was sensed. If the bakery was in danger, you either got kicked out by the double astral punch or the humans and non-humans who just didn’t appreciate the disturbance. all in all, this one a bakery, everyone would come here to indulge in all types of sweets…Come in and take a seat…

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      *Yukiko went to the bakery to make sure things were secure during the undead invasion. The bakery was currently closed and things quiet. The force field around the bakery was keeping the creatures away. She went to pick up some pastries, bread and other sweets to take back to the empire since there were ladies there who were pregnant and were already having cravings. She took as much as she could. Secured the store and left.* The streets outside are so desolate. I wonder if the threat is almost over> I’m glad we issued warnings to keep everyone safe. *she then got in her car and headed back to the empire.*

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      *Tetsu-Shiro first stops at the bakery to have something sweet before he sets out on his latest mission.* It looks like my colder side was colder than usual. I should be more careful! *looks at his hands and runs it over his white hair. I need to take on a more softer form. My warmer side, a softer more understanding self. *sighs* Tch! Baka sis! It’s not like any of us would hurt her. *he then shakes his head* No! That’s now how I should be thinking right now. Damn it, it’s been hard to change into my human form since I’ve been working in Hades restraining the souls full time.

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      *JoJo walks into the bakery. He looks around and takes a whiff, he then exhales and smiles* One of my favorite places! Such sweet aroma so soothing! *He takes off his hat as he steps inside and greets everyone.* Good day! *he then heads over to the counter.* I would like to order a random variety of donuts, some of those small mixed berry tarts and pudding, Please package it up for me, I will be heading out once again. *He then eyes a chocolate eclair.* I’ll have that too! It looks delicious!

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      *Myuu takes JoJo’s order and then comes back with two boxes and some decorated bags, she puts them all in one big bag with the bakery logo.* It’s always great to serve you JoJo!
      She then turns to Tetsu-Shiro! Why are you mumbling? *hands him some strawberry cake.* Here! Enjoy!

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      *During his break. The tall light haired and tanned skinned god decides to enter the bakery and enjoy a sweet cup of honey lemon tea. He sips it quietly as the watches the people outside running back and forth to their jobs and other places.* Such restless humans!

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      *A tall black haired phoenix demoness appears in human form with pale skin and fiery red eyes. She walks confidently into the bakery. She stops to look around. She takes in the aroma in the air and takes a seat.* The raspberry pie, a la mode! *She states while ordering what she smells is freshly made.* It looks the same! *she says to no one in particular. She admires the bakery and takes a look at the menu.* Let us see what they have been creating here. *She notices each family member has made a room with different themes and specialties.* This is a good move on their part. I shall have to come in more often.

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      *Kuronue felt a sting go through his body as he passed the barrier. Apparently he wasn’t all that benevolent but not bad enough to be rejected by the barrier. Leo had advise he go there and try the delicious delights offered at the bakery. Once he entered and sat down he tried their famous parfaits. He liked them so much he actually had a few. There were strawberry, chocolate, pineapple, blueberry and other fruity flavors. When he was full, he sat back and enjoyed the family atmosphere within the place. You could tell the bakery was not new. There was soul in the bakery itself. A joyful and protective soul. A comforting soul. After a little while lost in a bit of a daydream he had some tea and then he would thank lady Helena and lady Noloty, each with a kiss to the hand in appreciation for their artistry and amazing baker talents.* I shall return. I’m fully satisfied. Arigato!