The Bakery, the Barrier and the Visitors….

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      *It was mentioned earlier that the bakery had a very strong barrier that protected those who entered and expelled those with evil intent. Some demons had to obtain special items from the owners in order to be allowed within. The delicious sweets of the bakery were so popular and even longed for by some of dark forces, they would rent hotels nearby and actually order some sweets for themselves. Shhh, of course, this was a secret they kept to themselves but some suspected that was the case and hoped to conquer their dark souls with sugary delights and maybe some day, they’d be able to enter the bakery on their own….*

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      **during the rise of the apocalyptic events.**

      *The barrier around the bakery was stabilized and stronger, all thanks to Noloty’s perfect timing. She had arrived to reinforce the old barrier and she had been there to protect those inside. Some had already been taken to shelters when Kikuno, Sougo and Takatin walked by in their caravan and headed to the infirmary. Boris was also there acting as guardian but he wasn’t alone. Some clan members were inside enjoying their usual tea and keeping the place safe for those who were looking to temporarily hide somewhere. Although people were worried staff and family in the bakery all kept the patrons in a positive mood.*

      We still have bakers inside if anyone needs something sweet to eat. *Boris would open the doors for anyone who ran inside shivering. He would give them some towels and calm them down and then return to his post to guard the place from anyone with bad intentions.*

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      *Even though Boris was guarding the door, his spirit appeared to Noloty.* Can you sense that? I’m originally a cat you see. I can sense something in the air, and it seems that you are needed. You don’t have to stay here. *he grins widely.* There’s a lot of clan members here to protect the bakery. You are needed for something on a grander scale! *Then his spirit flows back into Boris’ body.*

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      *Noloty was busy helping citizens find shelter not only in the bakery but also to other remaining buildings that were still standing during the apocalyptic event. She quickly turned around upon sensing a presence behind her and her gaze was totally fixed towards it. She knew that it was not a malevolent spirit for she had already felt that it was coming from Boris. She was fascinated and even extended her hand wanting to touch it, but his spirit had returned back to his body before she could. She however, listened to his words and also sensed something else. She looked at the bakery and sees Boris stand on guard by the door; a soft smile formed on her lips as she nods her head, letting him know that she will be on her way. Her phone vibrates as it receives a text message providing her intel of what is going with the rest of the clan. One piece of information caught her eye* So she’s resting. Guess I’ll pay her a visit. *She puts her phone away and heads towards the Sacred Medical Center*

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      Malphas: *Malphas was unable to fully release himself from the realm of Gehenna. He could only sent a small percentage of himself out in the open. This made him less powerful in the human world. But he could manifest himself in the flesh temporarily, long enough to do a little bit of scouting. He studied the bakery in his original demon form but because of the barrier he was unable to get in. He disguised himself as a younger child but his aura was still rejected by the barrier. His only option was to order out or get an adult who entered the bakery to buy stuff for him. He made himself cute enough to be able to charm some adults who brought out donuts for him.* Mmmm delicious! So this is what it tastes like to be so powerful! *He grins as he plots a meeting with someone for his next move.*