Third Floor : Lounge

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      The third floor at Sugar Storm Nightclub is a lounge bar. A great area to sit back, relax, just chat with your friends and down a few drinks. The third floor has access to the roof for those who wish to smoke or just go up with a partner and take in the view.
      On this floor only drinks and light snacks are served.
      (we leave the rest to your imagination)

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      *He had entered the third floor when the sensual lady caught his eye. He walks over to her and takes her hand. No words were exchanged as he led her near a window where they could hear each other talk.* It would be my honor to get a drink to please those sinfully lips of yours.

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      *She had just finished her drink when a dark aura caught her attention. His eyes were watching her. She then notices him walking over and taking her hand. He had escorted her to a nearby window. Hela looks and grins* You love to flirt don’t you? My lips could use a midory sour. But it desires to taste your fiendish lips. *she gets close enough to his lips but doesn’t immediately kiss him. She looks into his eyes and sees the darkest abyss.* Interesting, you’re the dangerous type that completely fascinates me. But you might just be a little too dangerous.

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      *watching the club from the comfort of the third floor with his beloved Noloty.* Things are rather eventful around here. You and I have made it out of our respective challenges for now. Let’s sit back and enjoy some wine before we indulge in all the party madness. *he winks at her while he swirls his cup of wine.*


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      *He turns turns to her and takes her hand.* My chocolate goddess! You seem so rejuvenated since you’ve gotten back. *he kisses her hand.* Let us finish our drinks and enjoy the music down in the dance floor. *winks at her*

    • Jean Grey
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      *Enjoying a drink at the third floor lounge* This is definitely a cause for a celebration!