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Full name: Rocky Hoi-chuen Lee
BirthDate: Nov. 27th
parents: deceased
Occupation: Shinobi / Taijutsu Master
Jutsu: Leaf Gale, Leaf Great Whirlwind, Strong Fist, Drunken Fist
Clan: Lee Clan
Abilities: fast learner, dedicated and great physical prowess.
Leader of The House of Allies
Basics: Rocky is positive, energetic, a nice guy and sometimes hot-blooded. He enjoys competition and is a quick learner. He has good leadership skills and is highly determined and dedicated. He does his best to speak respectfully and much like his cousin Rock Lee, whom he happens to be the spitting-image of, he learned from Sensei Guy.
Hobbies: Constant training, boxing, reading and meditation.
Favorite foods: Medium spicy curry rice and curry pilaf, though, he finds it impossible to dislike any sort of food
Alliances: Allied Shinobi Forces, Konohagakure, friend of the GrandSugarClan

admin note: Acquaintance of Takatin