Second Floor: Restaurant

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      The second floor of Sugar Storm NightClub is where you will find the restaurant.
      Surrounded by windows in a dimly lit room. The second floor offers a great view of the city on one side and a view of the sea on the other. The windows filter out the noise outside but there is a balcony area for those those looking to step outside for a little air without leaving the club.
      Those dressed casually will dine on the city side of the restaurant.
      The restaurant separates both sections with an elegant traditional Asian screen.
      Those dressed more elegantly will sit on the side with a view to the ocean.
      Smoking is only permitted in the balcony area.
      Both areas of the restaurant are classy yet cozy and has intimate seating for four at each table.
      We serve all styles of food and drinks.
      (The rest is up to your imagination.)

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      *Yukii was casually dressed, so she went to the city side view of the restaurant as the waiter indicated. She decided to have a tasty Cuban style sandwich with french fries and a glass of orange juice. She sat near a window table and looked down at the people enjoying their weekend activities outside. The DJ had decided to play tribute to Prince. Enjoyable tunes would play on the second floor.* I better make sure I have a good meal before I venture out. *She smiles and sees her delicious food arriving at the table.* Perfect!

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      *He first allows Saya and his mother Helena sit before he pushes in their chairs and takes a seat himself.* Do you want to know more about the road to gehenna’s gates?

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      *Helena takes a seat with them and holds both their hands.* I’m just glad you’re both here in the new world with us. Night, while you were away, Saya went on an investigation that big brother Gori sent her on. She has something important to tell you.

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      *Saya was having a glass of wine and twirls it a bit.* Mommy Helena is right, I did go on an investigation. It was… *She pauses a bit*… about Shimei. *she would put down the wine glass and look at him.* I found out who took her life. It was a witch that had been in love with you and then she tormented Shimei’s village to the point that the village called on Shimei for help. She complied but she fell into a trap. You see, *she looked down for a moment thinking of how Night would react.* Night brother, when she went there she was pregnant. Shimei gave birth and yet continued to protect the village but she was weakened and the witch killed her.

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      *Night began to stand up, he was shocked by what he was hearing. He knew his wife died in battle but now he was learning it was a murder and that she was pregnant. His red demon flame began to emerge in anger.*

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      *Helena takes Night’s hand.* Son, control your anger for a moment, there’s more and you need to hear it. She puts his hand on her palm and cups it with the other one as she looks at him lovingly.* Night son, it’s very important that you sit down. Please dear.

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      *He looks at his mother who’s aura calms him down. He would contain his anger at least until he had heard everything. He wanted to ask more but instead he clenched his fist, sat down and listened.*

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      *Saya looked frightened then when Night was calmed she also put her on Helena’s which cupped Night’s* Brother, I avenged her. It’s he reason I was excommunicated from the old world. I killed that witch but I found two boys in the temple who had been taunted by that witch. They are here, I brought them home. They are your sons! You have twin boys! Shimei left you a beautiful part of herself and they are at the mansion.

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      *He looks over at his mother and then back at Saya. The reality that he might have children of his own was beginning to set in. He would takes both Saya and Helena’s hands* So, you avenged my wife. I hope that witch died a painful death! *He then tried to focus on what Saya had just told him.* The boys, are at the mansion. I’m actually a father?

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      *She smiles with tears in her eyes* Hai brother Night, you’re definitely a father. I think you should head home with mommy Helena to meet them. *She gets up* I have to find my son too, he was heading off on a basketball tournament and he should be back soon. *she walks over and kisses her brother’s forehead.* I think you will have to go easy on them. They are very shy and still surprised they have such a large family.

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      *He closes his eyes at Saya kisses his forehead* Arigato Saya! Arigato for avenging my wife Shimei. *He looks over to his mother and first orders himself a drink.* I want to meet them but I need to prepare myself mentally. *he closes his eyes to take in all the information he was given.*

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      *She kisses Saya and will see her later. She stays with Night and holds his hand as he has a few drinks and meditates.* We’ll just go meet them when you’re ready. I have to mentally prepare them too Night so if you want. I’ll go talk to them for a while and you stay here for a while. I’ll give you a call. *she gets up and kisses her son.* If you want me to come back because you feel strange about all this. Just let me know.