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Ranma Shukumaru SpunkySugarDemon Saotome



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Main Character: Ranma
Full Name: Ranma Shukumaru Okumura Saotome
Birthdate: July 31
My clan name is SpunkySugarDemon
I’m a proud member the GrandSugar Clan of families. I’m an Elder of the the Sugardemon clan, a member of the Sato Akuma branch and leader of the Firetripper family unit.
Sometimes people call me: Ran-chan, Ranko, Osage no onna (or Pigtailed Girl)
I’m married to Akane Suzuku Tendo Saotome
Hair: black, blue-black, and sometimes silver. As girl type Ranma my hair is red  / Eye color: blue
Height: 164 cm (5’5”) but as girl-type Ranma : 150 cm (4’11”)
My real parents are Genma Saotome and Nodoka Saotome but I also call Izayoi my mother.
My close blood-brothers are Inuyassha, Ryoga, Koga, Mousse, Kuno, Rinne, Yusaku, Ataru, and Sesshomaru Bokyosei.
Because of all my brothers I have a very large family that I care about (you all know who you are. In this case blood-brothers meaning two or more men not related by birth who have sworn loyalty to each other)

I’m going to keep it short because it’s a long story.
I have led a fairly difficult life. I was taken by my father Genma at a young age to journeys to train in all aspects of martial arts. When I was training with with my father Genma Saotome at Jusenkyo in China, I fell into a spring called Nyanniichuan. I emerged as a young girl, according with the spring’s curse. When I’m splashed with hot water, I change back to a boy, but when I’m splashed with cold water, I turn into a girl which I don’t enjoy because I’m a guy!!! I’ve been practicing martial art all my life. Akane says I possess a rather large and easily wounded ego, and that I think my physical strength is my only virtue. Come on, Akane, that’s not true. Whenever my pride is damaged, I feel the need to rectify the situation, even when it’s not necessarily in my best interest to do so. Genma arranged for me to be married with several ladies. Geez pops! But in the end, I fell in love with Akane.
I’m an excellent martial artist and I’m able to learn techniques very quickly and I have mastered a variety of styles. I’m very competitive and rarely do I lose a fight. My only weakness is an intense fear of cats, due to harsh training I received in Cat-fu as a child.

I also found that I’m from of lineage of vampire/human/demon hybrids the vampire side was so pure that Thorny Toshi and Shuhei inherited the stronger vampire legacy. The others only got a hint of it. The vampire/demon side of them is what keeps them young and the human part of them keeps them grounded.

My vampire ability is distinct in that of my children. I’m a vampire that only feeds on strong battle auras, not bloodlust. As a martial artist, I would drain the aura of my opponent making me stronger and more energized. I learned not to completely drain my opponents since it was against my ethics.
Thanks to brother Inuyassha and sister-in-law Kasumi, I’m able to travel back and forth between the feudal era and modern times.
I’m the owner of Tendo Dojo-Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts and a martial arts sensei at True Cross Academy of the Blue Flame.
I have several children: Isao, Thorny Toshi, Alto, Natsuru, Shuhei and Helena (Helena is my adopted daughter)


Alternative Character: Zerzes
Full Name: Zerzes Ranmaru Saotome Testarossa Sakata
nickname: Ranma Jr.
Member of SugarDemon Clan, Fifth Generation
son of Tomoe Lucius Testarossa
grandson of Leonardo Gintora Testarossa-Sakata
great grandson of Helena SweetSugarDemon Saotome Okumura Sakata
great great grandson of Ranma Shukumaru Saotome Okumura