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Shu☆zo *SparklingSatouUltharian* LeChatHijirikawaSakata ☆Trichronika☆

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Full name: Shu-zo LeChatHijirikawa OkumuraSakataRokudo
Alias: Shu☆Zo (シュウ☆ゾー)

Member of the SatouUltharian Branch, the Ultharyst Nekomancers Unit, and Sato Demone branch within the GrandSugarClan

Parents: Cindy Cyan and Daniel Crow
Younger Brothers: Riku-zo & Kai-zo, and Sleepy Ash

Birthdate: July 7
Hair color: short yellow hair curled upwards on the sides with streaks of green, sky-blue, orange and pink.
Eye color: cyan
Race: magnificent mix of several GrandSugarClan family member races but predominantly Human/Neko/Shinigami/Demon

Band: Trichronika
Graced with two forms: Stella and Galactica
Instrument: Vocals

Personality: flamboyant, outwardly cheerful, leader/tyrant characteristics, heroic…

Admin Note: Please don’t bother me with messages or chats. Also, my character isn’t looking for a mate.