Who Are You? (Tell us a little of your background)

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      **If you escaped from facebook, congratulations and welcome! You made it to Skyrie Universe or as we refer to it, the new world. This is topic area is for those facebook escapees who want to explain who you are/were in facebook, who you know and how you got here. If you didn’t come from facebook, you can state here where you came from. Please read all descriptions carefully before posting in any group/s. Try to keep the talking on your profile or in designated areas. All other areas should be purely roleplay unless otherwise noted. Thank you!**

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      // Really great idea Koenma. I’m Ciel’s girlfriend from Facebook, I haven’t crossed the border yet currently planning on a creative rp idea to do so after reading the forums carefully of course.Looking forward to this New world it looks Amazing.

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      Good evening, my name is Eve so nice to meet you all. Do forgive me for not meeting any of you before now.  (I was going through a tough time with the loss of my father.) I will add my bio to my profile soon but for now you may ask me anything you wish to know or ask Caius.

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      Hi to you, I am not sure if you remember me or not but I came here from facebook my account there is named Eromes Amanto but I wanted to be a cute character so I was watching different anime and found this one no one seemed to have already. I look forward to role playing with you all again those who do remember me :)

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      Howdy everyone, my name is Jinx it is nice to meet ya. I came here from Discord but i do have a facebook that i rarely use much it is named Sydney Pheonix  so if you want to check it out feel free to. My character is from a game called league of legends and i look forward to meeting new friends here in role play.

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      *Noticed all the familiar faces around that made her Happy.*

      Hello everyone the names Eri Ayase I’ve met some of you all in Facebook, for those ididn’t great to meet you.

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      Hello to you beautiful people, my name is Akishino feel free to call me Shintsu if you like, nice to meet you. I have read this forum and the one with the dangerous borders and i see some interesting rp going on and I want to respectfully ask to join in the fun well after this “escape” of course. *Bows to them all*

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      Hi all I am Miku Yoshino Hatsune. I remember a bunch of you I met back on fb but for those who do not know me it is nice meeting you for the first time.

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      //hi everybody, I was here for a long time but I can’t believe I never knew this group was here. I was not able to be online much due to personal issues after I signed up for this site but I was on facebook for a few years as this same character though you all may not know me, it is nice to meet you and I look forward to rp meeting you all.

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      // And now for some hot gossip. Okay  maybe it isn’t gossip haha. The facts! I was formerly known to some as Shimei Ryomou (NightSyn’s mate). My character had some fatal encounters, first she was disabled on facebook… guess someone was jealous of NightSyn and me LOL. Then since I thought I wouldn’t be able to rp again because RL got busy and chaotic my character Shimei Ryomou died in battle defending her sons Nox and Summa. I was trying to figure out which lovely character to use similar to the one I had. Well, they aren’t exactly similar but I love Harumiya Tsugumi’s look (and the fact that she’s athletic) from Girlfriend, the use of this character was inspired when I saw that Claire Lemaire was here too! I will use some things from that character and some of my own. And sorry for the long winded explanation. I hope I didn’t frighten anyone when I showed up. :) Well that’s all for now! Hope to see the beautiful GrandSugarClan soon!!!

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      Hi… Im Nina and im new i don’t know what to do here or anything (xD) I’m shy but like to meet new people, please show me the way? :3

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      You can call me Angelic or Chaos- either works fine.

      I am currently in my ninth year of roleplaying yet my first year on Skyrie. I am primarily found on Instagram for roleplaying (ohboyavacuum). I’m still trying to get used to the whole single character gig so please bear with me in my old fashioned ways.

      I wont go as far as to say I’m “escaping,” instead I am merely trying something new.

      My roleplay style is literate, and I am excited to get to know you all.

      Have a lovley day/night!

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