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Pako & Tokiko (YorozuyaSugarSouls) Sakata



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Pako and Tokiko Sakata are daughters of Inuyassha and Kasumi
Younger sisters of Ginoki Lucifer, Kintoki Belial, Leukocyte, Tsuna, etc. (too many brothers to list)
Members of the SugarSoul branch of the GrandSugarClan
also affiliated with the SugarDemon Branch

Individual bios:

Pako’s Bio:

Fullname: Pako SnowSugarDemon Sakata

Birthday: Oct. 11

In an attempt to teach Gin a lesson about the okama lifestyle. Saigou dresses Gin as an okama, names him Pako and forces him to work in the shop. Gin hated being dressed as Pako but one day, when Gin learned to respect and understand Saigou and his lifestle, Pako came to life within the mirror and Gin pulled her out of the mirror saving her from a life in a parallel universe. Pako was then blessed by her adopted mother Kasumi and Inuyassha granted her new life as part of the family. Since Pako was more mature, Tokiko easily called Pako her older sister and the two became inseperable. Pako is wild, tomboyish and can sing and dance. She often performs with her sister Tokiko.  Pako is a single young adult with to neck length white hair and black eyes that sometimes turn red/maroon.

Tokiko’s bio:

Fullname: Tokiko Asuna UndinesugarDemon Sakata
Birthday: June 28th
Tokiko is a good girl. Friendly, talented and slightly sadistic. She loves to sing, dance and play SAO. She came to brother Gin’s rescue when Kin was behaving badly and trying to take his place. She was able to teach her brother Kin a valuable lesson and Gin regained his position in Kabukicho.
She married Ayato Kirigaya Kazuto Sakamaki on September 1, 2014
She later had a son with Ayato named: Rogue ShadowdragonslayersugarDemon Cheney