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Ilaria Tae Yamada



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Fullname: Ilaria Tae Yamada
Nickname: Number 0 / Tae-chan (no no ugh! don’t call me that!)
Title: Legendary Tae Yamada
Birthdate: Unknown
Cause of death/ death date: unknown
Parents/Birthplace: unknown
Race: Zombie / formerly Human
Height: 170cm (5’7″) / Weight: 50kg

Basics: A mysterious girl with an equally mysterious past. Somehow I ended up with my gals in the idol group, Franchouchou.
She adopted the name Ilaria when she arrived in Skyrieverse with her idol group mates.
Her personality is unpredictable and she’s one of the more mindless zombies among her group. She is often eating or chewing something which shows a gluttonous and sometimes predatory zombie side.
She has been shown to have some awareness and a caring side but it’s not yet clear if this is only among her idol group mates since she spends so much time with them. She has a weird hobby of visiting random travel agencies. Beside having a longing for human flesh and brains, she can be appeased with her favorite food, squid.
But don’t give her takoyaki. She might bite your hand.

She arrives in Skyrieverse with her fellow idol group members and then her peculiar adventures begin.