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Leukocyte King Sakata (RoyalSugarDemon)



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(my character is mainly based on the Gintama series)

Name: Leukocyte King Seraphim Sakata
nickname: Leuko
I am the son of Inuyassha and Kasumi (NoTaisho-Sakata)
Member of the SugarDemon Family and Leader of the Demantoid AndroidAngel Blood Unit within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName/s: RoyalSugarDemon / WhiteBloodCellSugarDemon

Gender: Male
Height: 177 cm (5′ 9½”) / Weight: 65 kg (143 lb)
Hair Color: Silver / Eyes: Blue/turquoise/ light gray
Race: EarthSeraphim/Anti-Virus/Part-Human

Beautiful Wife: Tama
Children (adopted): Takeda, Yumiko, Yamazaki, Sanae, Vali, Tamaki, and Minami
Sons-laws: Saitama and Sahad
My grandchildren: Peipain, Nico, Shigeo, Ritsu, Ricotta and Barbatos

//my rp//
I was born of mother Kasumi and father Inu but a curse transferred me into a different world. I don’t know if this was truly a curse because back in those days the demons were being hunted and killed and parents wanted to hide us. So my curse turned out to be a blessing. I was saved by Tama and was living in her body as an anti-virus to her system until the curse was broken and I emerged into the human world. Because Tama took great care of me, I swore t

I look exactly like brother Gintoki. The differences between the two of us are that my eyes are turquoise (Gintoki’s are red), and I prefer to wear a costume based on Loto. Plus I’m better looking and more hero-like than Gintoki.

I am also a reincarnation of a fallen seraphim that was allowed to return to earth to prove my worth. I’m a Seraphim soul of the Phoenixes class, a fiery six-winged celestial being from the heavens,but not of the same type of Apocalyptic Seraphim Helena. I am here to watch over my demon brothers so that they do no stray from the holy path. I was also assigned to be the bodyguard of the apocalyptic seraphim Helena (OkumuraSakata) because of her rare breed she is sought after by unruly mercenaries who understand the extent of her powers.

I exhibits many human-like weaknesses and sometimes fall prey to temptations, like succumbing to the lure of treasure chests and I have become enamored with sake.

In the old world (facebook). I married Tama. Because she is a half-android, we could only adopt children.