Temporary Hide Out (RP Meet & Greet)

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      *As the fugitives are passing between the old world and the new world, a place or places of hiding them out while they wait for the guides or rescue team to come get them is necessary. Sometimes they are taken to abandoned hospitals but it’s a place where the old world guardians are likely to search. So a favorite place of the rescue team to keep people hidden is in an old abandoned library. This place allows the new fugitives to spend a little time, get food and water and a chance to introduce themselves to others.*

      // You can use this area for a short meet and greet roleplay //

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      Ah ah aaaaaaaaah! *pops out of a box that was dropped from the sky* Hello there! I’m Tatsuma! *scratches the back of his head.* Can someone help me out of this box? I’m looking for my brother Gintoki Lucifer. *Looks around* He told me he was in the new world. Am I there yet? Ah ah ah ah ah.

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      *He looks at the box and looks at Kiyoshi and nods. Then Leuko heads over to the box that just landed and pushes Tatsuma’s head back in, pulls out the packing tape and tapes up the box and leaves it outside with a the note. “Return to sender”* Alright! I’ll take some of that pure water you have there nephew Kiyoshi! That strange eerie box was put back outside. Who are we going to sneak past the guardians of the old world today?

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      *He sees that Izumi brought the box back in.* Oh no! We don’t want that, it’s taking up space! Send it back. *starts to push the box back outside again.*

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      Ooh no Leuko! You can’t push that box back outside! It might have good supplies! *opens it and sees Tatsuma, the then reseals it and puts it outside* Oh you’re right, there’s nothing good in there.

      *he then looks at all the new fugitives entering the new world for the first time.* Oooh minna! My name is Isao Kondo, Commander of the Shinsengumi! But you can also call me Gori! I’m also a member of the GrandSugarClan (which is my rp family). Our family and friends will be glad to get you past the gates and into the new world safely. Welcome!
      *he then explains the situation* In order to get into the new world, we need to cross during the night. A path between the old world and the new to reach the gates at the top of the tower so that you can enjoy the promised land. *he crosses his arms* If you get lost we’ll find you. But keep in mind there are also old world guardians who are tall and intimidating trying to keep you from your destination. If you can fight, take up arms but if you can’t we’ll protect you until we reach the gates! Best of luck! Eat, drink and sleep. Introduce yourselves to each other! Soon we’ll be on our way!

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      Ukyo: *blinks* Wait! What’s in the box? *he heads outside and pushes it back inside.* We can’t just throw things out! This is kinda heavy!

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      *Breaks out of the box* Ah ah ah! all that back and forth was making me slightly dizzy! Hello minna! Why did I get moved around so much? *scratches the back of his head*

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      *He smiles* To all the new fugitives, escapees and new arrivals! I’m Prince Koenma Jr. Daioh! Feel free to call me Prince Koenma or Jr.
      It’s great to meet you all! I hope you will be able to transition easily from the old world (facebook) to the new world (Skyrie) with our help! My family, friends and I will get you past the old world guardians that want to chain you to the past. We welcome you to a new future!

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      *He’s whispering as he is walking with a few family and friends towards the hide out area.*
      This is the hide out area where fugitives wait to get rescued. We need to come here and see if we find anyone from time to time. Sometimes we’ll get a call at S-Clan letting us know someone’s here. *He looks at Rin for a moment.* Shouldn’t you bet at the hospital with your wife Rin? We can handle this. Right minna?
      Izumi? Did you just get here? Are you ready to fight the guardians of the old world and help all these fugitives get into the new world. Come inside. I want you to see that there is food, water and basics available for the fugitives. We need to look through all the areas. Sometimes the fugitives are scared and hide within old trains, old buildings and some get caught and get dragged back to the old world. Some of them make it here and we help them cross into the new world. Are you with me so far?


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      * Whispers to Rin telling him to go back to Aura’s side that he and the rest of the family got this under control. Once doing that he looked over to Soji.* I’m ready let’s take care of these guys once and for all I had to fight a few, but I’ve finally got through some let their guard down for a few moments. * Makes his way inside after Soji taking a Look at all the supplies and the fugitives and refugees that were there.* yes I’m with you so far.