Abandoned Church in the borderlands area

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      *A strange lime green light was glowing in the abandoned church within the borderlands. Several bodies, long thought dead, began to stir. After Hisoka had come and chanted the spell that undid their seals, the long dead bodies began to break through the first layer of their coffins, screams were heard and voices calling each others names as they recognized each other. Confusion and fear became part of the aura of the church and finally, silence fell upon them all as they heard footsteps creaking towards them as someone came in to hush them.*
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      *Father Pucci noticed that Hisoka had done the spell release to perfection. His work was definitely reliable and above average. Some other fool would have messed up this initial process. He stood looking at the cracking coffins. He put his hand on each of these making them less concrete and then he hushed the girls in the coffin. He used his stand to put their memories on the DISC. He would grin as the coffins began to break apart revealing the zombie girls.* Humans should spend their life trying to attain heaven. I hope, as humans, you ladies didn’t waste your time, otherwise, you wouldn’t be in my possession. Welcome to your new lives, I am father Pucci. You shall now stand and follow me out of this place and into your new home. And I thank you for rising to the occasion. You will serve me well. *He handed them each some dresses and capes so that they would be able to walk along with him until they reached the the tower which they would ascend and finally, they were to get into a pitch black limousine waiting for them outside. As he stepped into the limo, he realized the girls had the stench of death on them. He looked through his spell book and used a spell to give them a smell that was more human and rosy. It would be temporary but for his purposes, this would do just fine.*

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      *As the coffin cracked open, a long dead hand pushed through the lid until a zombie girl began to emerge from the coffin.*

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      *A screeching zombie sat up in her coffin, her hands raised in horror and suddenly she heard a priest hush her. She silenced herself and bit at her nails almost bitting off her own fingers. After hearing his command she no longer controlled her actions but simply followed his what he said and obeyed. *