Inception to an Apocalypse

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      *Helena could sense the fear that was spread throughout their planet. She could feel the sadness, the pain, and the loss of hope but at the same time she could feel her family’s strong light of hope and their fighting spirits. This kept Helena from completly losing control of her apocalyptic seraphic soul. Her mind was both present in the current situation but also floating in the universe, partially lost and aiming to retrieve three of the phoenix that had been inhabiting her body. They seemed to be leading her away. Was this what the Gods spoke to her of. Did she need to leave her family and friends behind to become part of the universe as a goddess. This pained her more since it was something she refused to do. Her own husband Gintoki had abandoned being Lucifer, Lord of Hell to be with her and she was not about to abandon him, her family or her friends. She knew it was selfish but she loved them, she had nurished them and she didn’t want to go and become a full-fledged goddess. But she feared her choice had concequenses that would hurt the people of any of the words she chose to inhabit with her kind.

      She could hear the voices of those closeby telling her not to give in. She knew she had to contain the release of all her wings in order to keep herself from fully destroying the planet they lived in and any other planets in close proximity. She could tell there was someone chanting, someone who shared part of her soul and this is what had created this wretched disparity.

      Unfortunately, this allowed Helena’s powerful pulses of power to push out from Satou Arcanum and into the rest of the world in the form of earthquakes, terrible typhoons, violent tornadoes, the flashing lightning in the skies and the fearful thunder that warned everyone that things were about to get even worse. What Helena feared the most was that she was unearthing the evil in the worlds below. She could sense Satan’s eyes upon her as if he were violating her very essence. He was waiting and she knew that what he wanted was to be released from his domain.

      She contained herself as much as she could but she feared that she had already created more than enough damage and that she would not be able to live herself if she was able to stop the vicious cycle that was tearing her apart.

      Her first set of wings had sprung out filled with her blood. It made her scream so loud that everyone nearby had to cover their ears. She cried in anguish and she then seemed to be silent as the fires of the six realms began to emerge beneath her feet.*

      Gin love! Where….. are.. you?

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      *A few of the elders were the only ones who were able to get closest to Helena. And yet, they could not reach her, they were still at a distance. The pulses of her body were like thunderous fists pounding down concrete. Sesshomaru had decided to use his body as a way to contain some of Helena’s seraphic powers. He was bruised and battered but he would stand as long as he had to, in order to protect everything outside of Satou Arcanum that Helena loved.*

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      *Ryoga let Koga go find their nephew Gintoki. He noted Helena’s pain and he could hear the unsettling howls from the Region of the Demon Wolves. He could also feel Helena’s pain which both frustrated and saddened him. But he knew that she would tell they were there for her. All he could do was embrace his largest werewolf size in order to support Sesshomaru and also use his own body as a barrier to protect all who were outside of Satou Arcanum at the moment struggling to stay alive.* Sesshomaru brother! I’ll… lend.. you … a … hand….! *The pulses released from Helena’s body were deadly but they would endure. They would endure at least until Gin arrived to save Helena.*

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      *Ranma had been a vampires since the moment he fell into the spring of josenkyo. The girl he fused his body with had been that creature, so they shared vampire traits that Ranma barely revealed. On this day, he would have to display his full vampyre force to help his brothers contain Helena’s destructive energy. He felt even more stirred as could sense that Akasha had awakened and noticed that is was due to Helena the she was released. Of course, Ranma would never tell this to his beautiful adoptive daughter. Never, not as long as he lived. He slowly morphed and spread his bat wings and let his body and his wings sustain whatever damages incurred due to the changes Helena had been going through at the moment. He tried to stand opposite of his brothers so that they could somehow surround her and keep the pulses from hitting harder at the outside areas of Satou Arcanum.*

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      *Inuyassha was having trouble with his body and sword, both were reacting to Helena’s power pulses. He was experiencing it all first hand. He intended to protect everyone that was trying to keep Helena’s powers from fully hitting the area’s outside of Satou Arcanum. He hoped that even if it was minor it was making some kind of difference. He knew they had to be prepared in case Helena released anything else from the other dimensions that she controlled. This was something that stressed Inu to no end, he was also wondering were his son Gin was and if he had run into trouble getting to Satou Arcanum.*

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      *Mephisto did his best to assist. He first attempted to control time but Helena’s powers would simply absorb them. He did trick her into giving him the use and manipulation of time but she still had full control over it. He then tried to use giant magick infused pentagrams to create shields around Helena. It wasn’t able to fully repel her pulses but with the sacrifice of the elders and his magick they noticed there was a slight bit of progress. It may have been a little but the pulses of destruction had been faintly reduced.* Hang in there Lady Helena, but I must say your powers and your beauty are still magnificent!

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      *Hikari was worried about her beloved queen Helena and her family, she watched as they put their own bodies in the way of Helena’s destructive powers. She would do her best to project whatever magickal faery powers she had to them so that they could endure all they could. Then she set her self to the task of keeping the area around them free from any creatures that might emerge from the dimensional portals and attack. She almost swung her sword down on Carlitos’ head but she stopped as she wasn’t sure if he was friend or foe. She tried to get him to answer her.* Who are you? *But the strange young man seemed to have been in a deep trance. So she decided, for now, she would protect him but she didn’t understand how he happened to be there.* @diego

      *She turned to Lady Helena.* My queen! My life is yours! I shall protect what you love until you are able to overcome this or until our very end!

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      *Lord Satan and LuzHela’s daughter Zehellenia finally arrived at the border of Satou Arcanum. She had enslaved several demons along the way. She watched some of her pets be expelled by the power of Helena’s abundance of seraphic essense. The pulses made Zehellenia feel like she was being beaten by a thousand metal fists. She grinned and held up her arms.* I found the source of all the energy I desire! I shall make it mine! *Young and ambitious, she believed she could get close enough to absorb Helena’s powers and moved forward with her plan.* You shall all move aside! I am here to claim that power as mine!

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      *Toshi had been helping Hikari secure the area to keep anyone from attacking. That’s when his ears twitched lightly, he heard a voice and followed it. A familiar scent came from this demonic child. He quickly surmised that this was the child of LuzHela that was spoken about a while back at the Empire of the Grand Sugar Clan. He speed towards her blocking her attempts to attack and get closer.* Foolish child! What are you doing here? Did someone send you? You wont be able to get any closer, get back! I wont allow you to harm my sister and I highly doubt you’ll be able to get anywhere near her on your own anyway!

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      *Diego had set up an invisible shield around himself. He didn’t want to give away his reason for being there to Hikari. He was only there to observe. He was relieved when she decided not to fulfill her threat and he continued to use his eyes to record what he was witnessing but he wasn’t just recording data… it was more and it was something that the gods had warned Helena about in the past. He moved back a bit from Hikari but allowed her to feel she was protecting him. He then noticed Zehellenia and Toshizo, not far from the border and this made him feel even more uneasy. Things could get worse…and they would.*

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      *The more she fought not to open the rest of her seven wings, the more her essence was being tugged on by entities outside of the universe they resided in. She tried to speak to them, she told them she was looking for her phoenix souls that she watched part ways with her but she needed to retrieve. But none could answer nor point her in the right direction. The pulses were about to increase and she worried that those she last saw around her could endure what was about to come.*

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      *His eyes open wider as he senses an increase in Lady Helena’s essence.* This is….*he moves back.* I need to move back further, I won’t be able to survive if I stay this close!

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      *Feeling the rhythmic expansion and pounding pulsations increasing. Mephisto realized that although Helena was fighting to contain her remaining deadly wings within her body, there was still a strong vibration of energy escaping her which was creating the catastrophic disturbance in the weather, the pull of other world creatures, the opening and closing of dimensions, the imbalance among the blood of the pure and the hybrid monsters that lived among the humans. It took all he had just to keep himself from reverting to a deadlier and primitive form of himself. He would stand and help contain this erratic and destructive seraphic energy in hopes that his infernal brother Gin would arrive. Should they fail, his sister-in-law Helena would be obliterating this world and who knows how far of a range her omnipotent powers would have.* Hang in there sis! Don’t push me away! *he would say playfully although his body was in tremendous pain.* I’m trying to help you out here. Lass mich dir helfen!